Chris Casseday

Founder of 513 Kicks
from Cincinnati
started June 2017
513 Kicks is an online sneaker shop that Chris runs as a side hustle. Here's some cool tidbits about Chris's story (and you can ask him questions about): - Chris has been selling sneakers online for over 21 years. - Chris knows a ton about sneakers. - 513 Kicks is a profitable high-ma...
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Hey everyone! Iā€™m Chris Casseday, the Founder of 513 Kicks, an online-only sneaker shop. I specialize in providing 100% authentic, collectible athletic sneakers from brands like Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas, and more. Although everyone needs shoes, most of my business comes from sneaker col...
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My name is Chris Casseday, and I am the founder of 513 Kicks, an online sneaker shop that offers collectible athletic shoes at unrivaled prices. I founded 513 Kicks in 2017, but I have been selling sneakers online for over 21 years. The type of sneakers that are featured in the shop are...
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