Chloe Trujillo

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Chloe Trujillo is an American entrepreneur. Chloe started SustainABLE Start in 2020.[1]

Chloe Trujillo, founder of SustainABLE StartChloe Trujillo, founder of SustainABLE Start


SustainABLE Start


Early Career

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SustainABLE Start

Chloe started SustainABLE Start in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on SustainABLE Start?

In 2019, after a late dinner, I became lost with a friend. Our phones were dead, and we had no idea how to get to the subway -- but then a man offered us directions.

Like any other teenage girl, I was wary of talking to a random man. When I asked him why he wanted to help me, he told me that he sleeps on the streets and knows they’re not the safest. He likes to take it upon himself to help people get home safely, as my friend and I weren't the first to get lost at night.

The incident really motivated me to help keep my unhoused neighbors safe; the man probably needed to worry about where he could sleep safely, but instead, he was focused on helping others. I began carrying snacks, toiletries, beanies -- anything you could think of -- just in case I ran into someone else who was experiencing homelessness and wanted help from me.

In NYC, it’s uncommon to go a day without being asked for spare change on the street, so I knew there was a huge need for consumables such as the ones I carried. To reach my goal of making kits for all 60,000 New Yorkers experiencing homelessness, I knew I needed to scale my team and raise more money. As an entrepreneur, founding a nonprofit was the logical next step.

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