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Chelsea Rhoads is an American entrepreneur. Chelsea started pup•eeze in 2016 and is based in Boulder.[1]

Chelsea Rhoads,  of pup•eezeChelsea Rhoads, of pup•eeze








Early Career

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Chelsea started pup•eeze in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on pup•eeze?

Elizabeth Hess and myself have been friends now for over a decade. We came up with the initial concept of pup-eeze years before without even noticing.

In 2008 we took a 2 month road/camping trip around the southwestern US. From that trip we realized how difficult it was to travel with our dogs.

We couldn’t leave them in the car or the tent and there are more places we couldn’t take them into than places that we could. We wished there was something that could help ensure their safety.

A previously failed business venture

In 2016 we developed Pup Alert. A mobile temperature monitor for dogs, specifically designed for people who regularly travel with their pets (RV adventurers, award winning competitors, active hunters,etc). (Here are all 3 designs from concept, to prototype to final design)



The response was fantastic, with numerous pre-orders coming in. However, our hardware solution was not, missing multiple certification criteria. Lots of money down, tails between our legs, we hung our heads and went back to the drawing board.

A new idea

Before too long, our spirits were rejuvenated. Heads held high and tails a-waggin’, we’d come up with the idea for pup-eeze.

We adjusted the concept to be more inline with what our followers were asking for; a wearable device, peace of mind at home as well as on the road, cost effective, and a happier dog…

Over the years since we started this adventure, Elizabeth and myself have worked multiple jobs to keep the business afloat. We focused our efforts on learning how to run a business vs learning how to code.

We managed an overseas engineering team for our minimal viable product. We networked like crazy people. We remained genuine to our mission and goals by always pursuing the dream that we believe pup-eeze is able to become.

To say we bootstrapped to get to this point is either a massive understatement, or the picture perfect definition of the struggle.

Source [1]



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