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Charlotte Gardenhire is an American entrepreneur. Charlotte started The Fit Cut in 2021.[1]

Charlotte Gardenhire, founder of The Fit CutCharlotte Gardenhire, founder of The Fit Cut


The Fit Cut


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The Fit Cut

Charlotte started The Fit Cut in 2021. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on The Fit Cut?

I grew up doing gymnastics and wanting to coach and own my own gym when I got older. Thanks to a high school English assignment, I interviewed a popular gym owner who suggested that I major in Exercise Science. Without a second thought, that became my field of study and I became a tumbling and gymnastics coach through college. That gym was an extension of the Sports Academy & Racquet Club; as a benefit, I got a free membership and found myself immersed in group fitness. Those classes were AMAZING! The instructors were fun, creative, full of life, and ripped! They were inspiring and they inspired me.

I thought the hard part (designing, filming, editing, and developing) was over. Wrong! Marketing and launching have proved to be just as hard, especially on a budget.

Fast forward a few years, I finished my degree and loved it so much that I stayed to earn a Masters’s Degree in Corporate Wellness. I began a career as a wellness coach and certified as a group fitness instructor. As soon as a new recreation center opened in my neighborhood, I jumped on the chance to teach the 6 am strength training class. It became my dream job. I became one of those instructors that I admired so much. I loved the challenge of never repeating the same workout. I loved my tight-knit class members. I loved the energy and empowering feeling that came from teaching. I loved it all. And I realized I was good at it. I certified in many topics and formats, all of which enhanced my expertise and shaped me as an instructor; but I found that as awesome as some of those classes were, my class members still preferred my workouts to the popular choreographed classes of others.

My idea was born over years of experimenting, brainstorming, and teaching. The inspiration came from wanting to help my mom, who is debilitated by knee pain; from my own experience with pregnancy; and from meeting with clients who didn’t know the slightest thing about exercise and how to start. I wanted a program that appealed to each of those audiences as well as someone like myself- someone who loves group fitness and exercise videos but settled for working out at the instructor’s pace- not my own.

My lightbulb was given to me as an accumulation of study, practice, and research. CUT IT was the result of the best techniques in the industry combined with my personal preferences for self-improvement. When it hit me, I knew it was perfect.

If it weren’t for our current circumstances, I may have never considered turning my passion for teaching into anything more than a hobby. Illness, debt, and unemployment plagued our family and pushed me to unforged waters. It seemed only natural for The Fit Cut to be the answer, especially after combining my knowledge of video editing, website creation, and- of course- my love for exercise and teaching.

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