Charles Bronson

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Charles Bronson is an Indian entrepreneur. Charles started Believe San Decors in 2016.[1]

Charles Bronson, founder of Believe San DecorsCharles Bronson, founder of Believe San Decors


Believe San Decors


Early Career

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Believe San Decors

Charles started Believe San Decors in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Believe San Decors?

After becoming a commerce graduate, I went on to study entrepreneurship in Leeds, UK. I had always aspired to build a career that awards a unique identity. I wanted to walk through life on the paths that I had laid for myself. This very thought of mine was the foundation for starting a business.

> I believe that when one focuses on being fit, healthy, and happy, one can achieve excellence in their life.

My attempts to create a business model began with a gaming zone. Event decoration was not the first of the business I had put my mind onto. I owned a snooker parlor for over a year before I started 'Believe San Decors'.

There is always a misconception that all the great business ideas are developed in an air-conditioned meeting room where people have a rigorous discussion and strategize on launching it. My story is very simple. I had a small talk with my friends on starting a business of this sort and I found each of us present in that room had a skill that could push us more towards bringing our idea to life. One of us could bring in leads, while the others were good at handling electrical work in the sets, planning the designs, building the sets, and so on.

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