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Caylee Betts is an American entrepreneur. Caylee started Swipies in 2015 and is based in Seattle.[1]

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Early Career

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Caylee started Swipies in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Swipies?

I’ve been a designer for almost 15 years, and I’ve had an entrepreneurial itch for just as long. Being a designer has given me the advantage of spinning up websites, logos, and products (physical and digital) quickly. My first entrepreneurial pursuit was opening a design studio in the food and beverage industry about 10 years ago. During that time, I also helped open a restaurant, which is among the scrappiest types of businesses you can run. Aside from the restaurateur stint, those 5 years were spent doing the mostly digital design but I had an itch to create something physical.

Learning new skills is one of the greatest gifts my endeavors have given me

With that in the back of my mind, I stumbled upon the idea for Swipies when I received lamination samples for a project I was doing. The sheets were big, clean, and smooth and I really wanted to write on them. I ordered wet-erase pens from Amazon (recalling the joy of writing on overhead projectors as a kid) and within a few weeks, my team and I were using them for everything — note-taking, illustration, list-making — and we’d even cut them down to a variety of convenient sizes for different uses.


Fast forward a year, and I was starting my first job in tech. I was doing a lot of app design, so I printed phone frames onto paper with “Swipies” scribbled in the corner. My husband coined the name because of the common “swipe” gesture used on apps, as well as the “wiping” required to clean Swipies. I made a few copies and took them to work, and my coworkers started asking for their own copies. I ran out every time I made more, but I wasn’t happy with the quality. I wanted a sleek product that was also fully waterproof, but I hated the lamination lip that traditional laminating got me. So I started talking to some manufacturers.

Fast forward another year, and I had my first order of 200 Swipies in hand.

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