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Camille Varlet is an American entrepreneur. Camille started Mouth Off in 2019.[1]

Camille Varlet, founder of Mouth OffCamille Varlet, founder of Mouth Off


Mouth Off


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Mouth Off

Camille started Mouth Off in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Mouth Off?

Bringing Mouth Off to market has been a 2-year journey. I’ve been really lucky to have worked both for large CPG brands and had a previous startup in F&B, as that experience helped and informed how I’ve gone about creating the Mouth Off brand, product, and our strategy.

After my MBA, I worked in brand management at Dannon and L’Oreal. There, I got to create and launch brands from scratch including Dannon’s Greek yogurt, did a lot of product innovation and development, led cross-functional teams and agencies, worked with legal and regulatory, developed and executed in-market strategies, and of course managed the business. This was all really useful for Mouth Off.

I’d also launched a beverage brand before starting to work on Mouth Off — All Beauty Drink, a functional beverage formulated to help nourish and hydrate skin from within — and that taught me the challenges and opportunities of creating and launching a brand outside of a large organization, like speed to market, ability to pivot quickly, figuring out how to get stuff done with very limited resources and support, working with distributors and brokers, and too many other things to list.

Mouth Off started after that when I was working in innovation and brand consulting through an innovation studio called Pre hype. After All Beauty Drink, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. I couldn’t have imagined that while I was consulting, I’d get the idea for my next business. But that is exactly what happened and in the last 2 years a lot has happened; I negotiated an exclusive partnership with one of the companies I met on an assignment, then I hired a team of food engineers, we created a formula, I submitted patent documentation for our formula, conducted testing, completed an accelerator program, found a contract manufacturer, raised a pre-seed round and am getting ready to launch in a few weeks.

While I never expected I’d be launching a product that eliminates bad breath a few years back, the stars aligned and I fought to secure the opportunity that presented itself. I couldn’t be happier and more excited about what we’re doing with Mouth Off; I believe that with Mouth Off, gum and the fresh breath category will be changed forever.

My ingredient partner is very large biotech. The active ingredient in Mouth Off is built around plant-based science, has undergone significant testing, including a clinical. Results show this ingredient removes sulfur compounds, the stuff that causes breath odor, and it works for at least 4 hours. No other ingredient exists that can do the same thing. All other products in the category are only able to mask the sulfur compounds. I knew this would be a true differentiator in the market and that Mouth Off would disrupt the fresh breath category. It’s hard to believe that there is no product today that actually works and delivers on its promise, and that finally, we will bring a real solution to people who need clean breath throughout the day. The benefit we can bring people is relevant to all occasions throughout the day, starting after you brush your teeth in the morning, to when you brush them at night before going to bed.

I picked gum as the delivery mechanism for this ingredient for many reasons. There has been no real innovation in this category in decades, yet it's a very familiar format, light/easy to ship and carry around, discrete to use. Plus chewing has built-in oral care benefits. Once I’d come up with the idea for Mouth Off, I had to figure out how to execute and make it happen. I went and learned a ton about how chewing gum is made. After research and interviews, I realized there was a lot to improve on with this format, it was time to create a product that not only delivers on the promised benefits it should provide, but also deliver a formula that was in line with today’s consumer tastes, needs, and preferences. This is how dissolving gum came to be, and why we made the formula plant-based, sugar-free, and with no artificial ingredients.

I started with a small investment from Pre hype, which helped to get us started but wasn’t enough to cover the R&D work needed. There was a moment in time when I wasn't sure how I was going to pay for the formulation work I’d started, but believed I’d find a way... I felt that once I had some samples in hand, and people could experience the efficacy and difference in format, it would open up additional investment. I was right, thankfully, but it could have easily gone the other way. I got another angel investment as well as the business changing news that I’d gotten into ERA (Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator). And I have raised more since for my pre-seed round. And to think this is just the beginning.

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