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Cam Upson is a Canadian entrepreneur. Cam started Appsitude in 2015 and is based in Vancouver.[1]

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Cam started Appsitude in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Appsitude?

I grew up in North Vancouver, Canada, as a normal kid, went to public school, I have zero post-secondary experience, and yet I had this unwavering need to succeed to do something great, I just didn't know what. I don't know if it was to prove it to myself or to show everyone else I could do it? Everyone could always tell I was different than my friends they would be out partying and I would be doing something business-related to either better myself or figuring out another way to make money.

If it's not your area of expertise and you have the money I would recommend hiring out for positions your not good at.

I knew I wouldn't be like them, working 9-5 for somebody wasn't something I could do the rest of my life I needed to figure something out and fast. Every job I got I was either fired or quit. It really is true that a boss makes a terrible employee.


I did all sorts of things growing up on the internet it really was a grind. Anything I could do to make money I did it. I was on Fiverr posting flyers for people and made about $10,000 doing that. I then moved onto buying and reselling clothes among other things. After all that I wanted to expand my horizons and have always been interested in real estate so I moved onto subletting apartments on Airbnb and really found a great way to make some serious money. Moving into present most of my time and passion goes into app development but I am still really into real estate and will continue in real estate on the side!

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