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Bryce Dillingham is an American entrepreneur. Bryce started Roll Up Food Truck in 2021.[1]

Bryce Dillingham, founder of Roll Up Food TruckBryce Dillingham, founder of Roll Up Food Truck


Roll Up Food Truck


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Roll Up Food Truck

Bryce started Roll Up Food Truck in 2021. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Roll Up Food Truck?

I have been running my own businesses in some way since I was 13 years old. I would print business cards and advertise online that I mow lawns and would get jobs that my parents would drive me to.

The freedom of having income and the satisfaction of doing it for myself had me immediately hooked. From there I had some regular jobs after high school such as McDonald’s, car dealerships, etc but it just wasn’t for me.

Chase what you want for selfish reasons but never forget WHY you wanted to chase that goal and pay appreciation and give back to everyone who helped you get there.

Through my college education at UCCS for business administration, I ran a junk removal and hauling business that became very profitable and showed rapid growth. Through the success, I again found that I wasn’t in the right field and had little to no passion for what I was actually doing. The day-to-day grind and constant scheduling and interaction with customers burnt me out and I was seeking alternatives.

Coming from a family who loves to cook I always had the idea of selling food but never really thought I had the know-how or talent to do so. Rather than obsessing over logistics and coming up with a full-on business plan, which in retrospect is something I definitely recommend, we jumped right in, bought a trailer with my friend Eddie, and got going hitting the streets under the name β€œstreet treats” selling holiday baked goods until we were licensed for full food service.

The name Roll Up is a play on how we roll egg rolls in addition to how we β€œroll-up” to locations. The food was a seemingly instant hit and consumed all of my time since then.

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