Bruno Bornsztein

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Bruno Bornsztein is an American entrepreneur. Bruno started InfluenceKit in 2018 and is based in Minneapolis, MN.[1]

Bruno Bornsztein,  of InfluenceKitBruno Bornsztein, of InfluenceKit




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Bruno started InfluenceKit in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on InfluenceKit?

I started building web applications in Ruby on Rails in 2005, after several years of hacking together things in PHP, HTML, and Wordpress. In 2006, I launched, which was meant to become a social network for people interested in interior design and DIY (sort of what Houzz is today).

Over time, Curbly evolved into a pure blogging business - we hired writers, created content, and sold advertising and sponsored posts. InfluenceKit was really the result of an internal tool I developed to manage our entire blogging process at Curbly. It worked so well for us that eventually, I decided to turn it into a product.

My background in running a blogging business for more than ten years gave me a deep understanding of many of the needs of our potential customers. I knew most of their pain points and could speak about them in terms that resonated right away.

However, it took a while before I had enough confidence to take the whole thing really seriously. At first, I did the typical developer thing: create something cool, show it to a few people, be disappointed when it doesn’t turn into a viable business overnight. It took a lot more work than that! I had to be persistent, talking to everybody I could think of about InfluenceKit, showing them how it worked, explaining and refining the value proposition.

Fortunately, my primary business at the time (Curbly) was able to support my lifestyle and gave me the flexibility to work on InfluenceKit. So although I call InfluenceKit ‘bootstrapped’, it was really funded (or at least incubated) by my previous business.

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