Brittney Oliver

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Brittney Oliver is an American entrepreneur. Brittney started Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy in 2017.[1]

Brittney Oliver, founder of Holistic Wellness Coaching AcademyBrittney Oliver, founder of Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy


Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy


Early Career

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Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy

Brittney started Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy?

As an overweight child with debilitating anxiety, I had spent years trying to diet for weight loss while juggling bouts of panic and depression. Even after I had hacked the weight and improved my nutrition, I still just couldn’t get to the bottom of my mental health struggles. After my second miscarriage, I finally discovered the root of what I had assumed were hormonal issues were actually originating from an imbalance in my gut.

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Once I learned about the mind-gut connection I was hooked! My evolving passion for wellness grew into an intense need to share my epiphany with the world. At that point, I became a board-certified health and life coach and started writing my first book Buddha Belly out of the driver's seat of my car during my baby’s naps. I had just sold my previous brick and mortar business to buy myself a year of working, to stay home with my second child. I was becoming antsy, needing to find a place for my passion to ignite again and once I started writing, the book flew together and was completed within six months.


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