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Brittany Taylor is an American entrepreneur. Brittany started Black Luxe Candle Co. in 2019.[1]

Brittany Taylor,  of Black Luxe Candle Co.Brittany Taylor, of Black Luxe Candle Co.


Black Luxe Candle Co.


Early Career

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Black Luxe Candle Co.

Brittany started Black Luxe Candle Co. in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Black Luxe Candle Co.?

My personal journey of creating this business goes back 5-6 years ago when I started the process of self-care and healing. In 2015 I had just graduated from college, but I was also pregnant for the very first time. When it was time for our 20-Week appointment, the doctors discovered that I had dilated and I would be going into labor soon and there was nothing they could do about it. Thereafter I was stricken with deep grief and sadness. My grief and sadness had persisted for months. So, one day I decided that I would pursue positivity and gratefulness even if I didn’t believe it. That change in mindset led me to Black Luxe.

Black Luxe didn’t start with the intention of being a business. It started as a way to provide gifts to family members. I was so tired of spending money on physical items I began to craft some items for Christmas. One year I made body scrubs and body butter and for Christmas 2018 I decided I wanted to create candles. I had personally used candles to uplift my mood and to put me into a tranquil state of being.

I bought a kit on Amazon but I didn’t like the tins that came with it, so I bought some jelly jars. I also wanted to create a “relax kit” so I paired the candle that I was making with a small bottle of wine and chocolate. The gift was well received and I posted the candle online just to show everyone the gift I had made. I, then, started to get many inquiries from people curious about how they could purchase a candle from me. The people I had gifted them to were wondering if I was going to make more of them anytime soon. I was even asked if I was going to have classes on how to make the candles. I didn’t have a business yet it was just a quick Christmas hobby.

However, I thought about it for a while and told myself that I could create a business, and see how this may go. I started the process of creating a business in January 2019. When I first started Black Luxe, I was employed full-time, so I was able to bootstrap Black Luxe. Black Luxe has always been an excellent way for me to express myself creatively since I wasn’t able to do it at work.


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