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Brandon Dendas is an American entrepreneur. Brandon started IndieGetup in 2017 and is based in Denver.[1]

Brandon Dendas, founder of IndieGetupBrandon Dendas, founder of IndieGetup




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Brandon started IndieGetup in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on IndieGetup?

As many innovations begin, IndieGetup was created as a by-product of a creative pursuit.

I’ve always aspired to start my own company, instinctively I assume because I come from a family of entrepreneurs. Throughout college, I always looked for positions and internships at smaller companies, where I would have direct exposure to the owner. These companies gave me the opportunity to understand the full interworking of a business.


Throughout that time, I worked for a few digital marketing companies, held various social media marketing positions, and even attempted started a social media company with a few classmates. After graduation, I went to work for a startup digital marketing SaaS company, NorthPage.

Though I only ended up working there for only a year and a few months, my time spent was imperative in hindsight. I was pushed to the limit, working 70+ hour weeks, and delivering high-level, data-driven presentations alongside a badass team, to clients such as IBM, State Farm, Este Lauder, and other Fortune 500 companies across a wide array of industries.

In that short span, I learned a lot about best practices as it relates to the customer digital journey, inner-workings of business from company culture, processes, sales, and more. More importantly, I learned a lot about myself. Simply put, I know I loved marketing, and wanted to work for myself.

After leaving that company, I went to work for my father’s insurance agency, as their marketing specialist. This was a new role for the company, so there was no training or direction. With my digital marketing knowledge from school and more specifically through the saas company, I recreated their website and completely revamped their digital foundation.

During this time, I worked independently, so, during work hours, I would listen to a fair share of podcasts, specifically Chase Jarvis Live. One interview stuck out the most, his conversation with Gary Vaynerchuck. From there, I was opened to the world of the side-hustle.

how-i-started-a-5k-month-business-selling-eco-conscious-lifestyle-clothing Background of my phone for the past 3 years

In my spare time, I would come up with ideas for side-hustle businesses. This was in collaboration with my longtime friend and now co-founder, Max Mangs. Through our conversations, we ultimately decided to start a clothing brand.

> In our information age, Ideas are obsolete. Execution is paramount. Everyone has the next big idea, but not everyone is willing to sacrifice to get where they want to be.

In our pursuit of gathering inspiration, we searched diligently on both Google and social media and compiled a list of brands we aspired to become in a Google Sheet. Through this discovery process, we found ourselves looking for a directory or some sort of platform that listed small/grassroots brands that aligned with our criteria for clothing brands we wanted to create. We quite simply could not find one. This is when I presented the idea to Max. We spent the last few weeks compiling a list of over 100+ brands, “why don’t we just create a website that curates all of these brands in a centralized location so people can discover new, innovative, emerging clothing brands according to their lifestyle, or location?” From there we scrapped the idea for a clothing brand and started to conceptualize what was to come, IndieGetup.

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