Brandon Bayer

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Brandon Bayer is an American entrepreneur. Brandon started Interview: Storeo in and is based in Ohio, USA.[1]

Brandon Bayer, founder of Interview: StoreoBrandon Bayer, founder of Interview: Storeo


Interview: Storeo


Ohio, USA


Early Career

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Interview: Storeo

Brandon started Interview: Storeo in . They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Interview: Storeo?

While stuck in a cubicle doing work I didn't like, I spent my free time learning all the skills I needed to build my own apps. Eventually, I wanted all my income to be from my own products, but I wanted to start that journey with side-projects.

That’s when Martin Holsinger, a friend of mine who does marketing for construction contractors, came to me with an idea. When recording an Instagram Story, 15 seconds was never enough for him to say what he wanted. To get around this time limit, he would manually split up his videos with a desktop editing app. That worked but would take a very long time. He knew it could be easier and knew I could help.

I agreed it was a great idea and was confident I could make it. We agreed to split the proceeds 50/50. I'd build it. He would sell it.

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