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Benny DiFranco is an American entrepreneur. Benny started Hands N Paws in 2018.[1]

Benny DiFranco, founder of Hands N PawsBenny DiFranco, founder of Hands N Paws


Hands N Paws


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Hands N Paws

Benny started Hands N Paws in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Hands N Paws?

In 2017, I started my business by accident… quite literally! I was in my second year at Capital University (Columbus, Ohio) and was looking to get a part-time job. One day in my spring semester, I found myself looking up “babysitting jobs in Columbus, OH”. In my short search, I came across “dog sitting jobs available - sign up now!” Curiously, I hadn’t known that dog sitting was “a thing” or rather, that there were professional dog-sitting companies out there that employed people. I signed up as a pet sitter on that same day and in a matter of 10 months, found myself a technician suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure.

> Continue creating and documenting so that the business owner can pointedly begin to remove him/herself from being so directly involved. Herein lies the definition of what it means to be a true entrepreneur.

This is a phrase coined by one of my biggest inspirations in business, Michael Gerber- author of the E-Myth series. More to come on him later!

Basically, I didn’t get involved in entrepreneurship right away. In fact, I had no idea what entrepreneurship really was; and if I did, I falsely interchanged it with what it meant to be a business owner.

You see, the two are VERY different!

A business owner is somebody who likely owns their business, is self-employed, and goes to work every day IN their business.

An entrepreneur is someone who rises above every day and goes to work ON their business, keeping in mind the end goals he/she wants to achieve- ones that are usually way bigger and greater than themselves. An entrepreneur sees his/her business as a vehicle NOT to satisfy personal needs and provide a lavish lifestyle. The motive is not that selfish. An entrepreneur seeks to solve a worldly problem, whether it’s for the betterment or efficiency (or both) as they relate to the way people live, the problems they face, etc.

Let’s look back at my term stated above- “a technician suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure.”

Did you know that every person who goes into business for him/herself is most likely a technician, to begin with? Whether a hairdresser, mechanic, plumber, or chef, the technician is the one who does the actual technical work of the business. Time passes and the technician usually develops a deeper relationship with (and passion for) the technical work they do. Soon enough, that technician realizes he or she can go into business for themselves. At that moment, that technician likely undergoes what’s called an “entrepreneurial seizure.”

This means that this technician firmly believes in the fallacy that because he/she knows how to do the technical work of the business (the labor itself), he/she could just as well know how to run a business that does that kind of technical work.

I had this thought with regards to my business, which eventually made me run into some trouble.


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