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Lucas Walker is an American entrepreneur. Lucas started Treats Happen in 2015 and is based in Toronto, Canada.[1]

Lucas Walker,  of Treats HappenLucas Walker, of Treats Happen


Treats Happen


Toronto, CA


Early Career

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Treats Happen

Lucas started Treats Happen in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Treats Happen?

We started making dog treats for ourselves when we weren’t happy with the options in stores. After seeing a few others selling online, we thought why not us.

Most products in stores were pretty unhealthy (think cookies but for dogs. High in carbs and sugar, and a lot of chemicals and preservatives). The healthier products were all aimed towards people with smaller dogs. We’d go through a bag of treats in half a day.

It started out as a hobby or side hustle and way to have a few more write-offs for our taxes. When Lucas was fired from his day job we saw there was a pet expo two weeks away so we made as much product as we could, Riley built a beautiful booth and we tested if anyone really want to buy from us.

Because we were new, we wanted to create a popup storefront that could sell products, not just give out samples of “build brand”. It was the time that target was closing in Canada so we were able to get some great display racks at next to nothing and really create a storefront. One thing we did which looking back was so dumb was give things “real” prices like $8.50. This made things complicated. One thing we learned immediately was to line price everything and reduce change.

We did $3,000 that weekend and knew we had a business.

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