Brandon Wong

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Brandon Wong is an American entrepreneur. Brandon started Photobooth Supply Co. in 2013 and is based in Orange County, California.[1]

Brandon Wong, founder of Photobooth Supply Co.Brandon Wong, founder of Photobooth Supply Co.


Photobooth Supply Co.


Orange County, California


Early Career

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Photobooth Supply Co.

Brandon started Photobooth Supply Co. in 2013. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Photobooth Supply Co.?

My wife and I were wedding photographers. If you’ve been to a wedding lately, you’ve probably seen a photobooth.

The same was true 8 years ago. We saw booths everywhere, and started thinking… why not add one of those? We purchased the “old” style photobooth, the enclosed box. It became clear very quickly that at least two things could be done better. It wasn’t really portable and it didn’t take the prettiest pictures.

I contacted a few metal suppliers down here in Orange County and asked if they could put something together for me. I wanted something sleek and portable, but it also had to be able to take gorgeous pictures.

My wife and I spent weeks trying to get the photos just perfect and we built a few very interesting looking prototypes. Right away, our friends came asking if we could put something together for them as well.

So, we took everything out of our savings account and got a tiny space at the largest wedding photography expo… which was happening in three weeks at the time.

In that time, we created a website, branding, literature, promotional videos, a trade show booth, a prototype unit, sales pitch, pricing, everything. At the show, we sold over 10 booths and doubled that number the week afterwards. A month later, we hand delivered one of the booths to a customer in Vegas and I used that money to buy an engagement ring. We were married six months afterwards.


This is us!

From that trade show, we just kept spending time to create more resources and more value to help our customers make more money. We started including marketing materials, sample contracts, attendant training videos, educational webinars, and more. Things like that really set the entire product apart, but everybody came to it for the picture quality and portability.

Within a short matter of time, we evolved from selling photo booths to selling a turnkey business opportunity, all without any franchise fees or the need for a large initial capital investment.

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