Brandon Wong

Founder of Photobooth Supply Co.
from California, USA
started March 2013
Hello! I’m Brandon Wong, the CEO and part of the husband and wife team that started Photobooth Supply Co. Trying to start a business? It can be complicated, expensive, and time consuming. We provide a meaningful business opportunity through a photobooth that allows you to capture m...
Hey! I’m Brandon and I’m one part of the husband and wife team who started Photobooth Supply Co. Starting a business is complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. We make the process easy by providing a photo booth as a turnkey, affordable, and fun business opportunity. My wife, Katrin...
We recently had the chance to launch a Kickstarter and it funded at over 1100%, with just under 350k raised. Pat asked me back so that I could explain a little of my thinking here. I’m sure a couple of you are thinking that it’s crazy to put a project on Kickstarter for an established b...