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Aziza Browne is an entrepreneur. Aziza started Aziza Jewelry in and is based in Asheville, NC.[1]

Aziza Browne, founder of Aziza JewelryAziza Browne, founder of Aziza Jewelry


Aziza Jewelry


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Aziza Jewelry

Aziza started Aziza Jewelry in . They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Aziza Jewelry?

I first started making jewelry as a hobby when I was a little girl. My very rudimentary jewelry somehow became popular with family and older friends of the family and they actually bought some of my early jewelry pieces believe it or not! From childhood, I was always very encouraged to continue with my art.

I attended art schools for most of my life and I intended to study jewelry design in college, however, once I started taking jewelry design classes, the program didn't appeal to me, so I chose to study ceramics instead. After college, though, I resumed my love of jewelry design by taking several types of different classes at various art studios in NYC. I studied all types of jewelry making techniques from glass bead-making to metalsmithing to working with PMC (precious metal clay). After graduating from college, I took about 10 different types of jewelry making classes over the years.

After making connections at a glass bead making studio, called Urban Glass, I gained enough confidence in my designs that I was able to start selling some of my early glass bead jewelry at the Shop at Urban Glass.

Once my pieces began selling regularly there, I reached out to more stores, and eventually, I began selling at various mom and pop shops throughout NYC and at craft shows and street fairs as well. At the time I also had a full-time job at MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art) in NYC, while I was developing and growing my business.

I did fairly well at the craft shows and street fairs and I often had repeat local customers purchase from me at multiple shows.

Eventually, I began selling my jewelry online and was interviewed on a local TV news station for a show called the Working Woman's Report and I began to receive other valuable press in magazines and online blog posts which helped me gain exposure and loyal customers that continue to purchase from me year after year.

Feature in the Santa Barbara News-Press

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