Audrey Marshall

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Audrey Marshall is an American entrepreneur. Audrey started Mommy Enlightened in 2018 and is based in Utah.[1]

Audrey Marshall,  of Mommy EnlightenedAudrey Marshall, of Mommy Enlightened


Mommy Enlightened


Early Career

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Mommy Enlightened

Audrey started Mommy Enlightened in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Mommy Enlightened?

Blogging has been a crazy journey for me. I found out about blogging really randomly, and as soon I read the first article about it I decided I was going to go for it. I never once believed I would fail - and I think that’s a large part of why I didn’t. My partner and I had to sell our house and move in with my in-laws due to my husband’s job location. We were in a situation where we could afford to have me quit my job short-term. It was a risk because we were still paying off a large amount of debt (and desperately wanted to get back into a house of our own) but it was the first time in our marriage where there was a smaller risk associated with it. I planned to try it for a year, and if it didn’t work out I would go back and get a job. I worked 60 hour weeks - not only creating content but also learning about the RIGHT things. I invested a LOT of money in the first year, but I believe that’s necessary if you want to progress faster.

Before starting, I had limited knowledge of all things technology. I used Facebook and Youtube, but I had no knowledge of the technical aspects of it all. It was very frustrating in the beginning, but blogging is in large part about taking the initiative to do your own research and never stop trying to learn. So that’s what I did. It’s a huge learning curve, but it’s definitely doable. It helps that I have a myriad of new skills now. I can do minor coding, marketing, copywriting, SEO, and create/sell products. I have learned more in the last year and a half than I have from any other job - and it’s neat to think that even if I decide to stop blogging, I can get a job with many of my new skills.

There are no fast hacks to success. You have to do a lot of grinding to see success, and there aren’t any shortcuts to success.

As far as validating my idea for the mom blog. I knew that other women were making money with their mom blog, so I knew I could do it too. I think there’s a lot of dishonest marketers out there, but there’s a lot of honest ones as well. If there are others making money a certain way, you can probably do it too. The only uncertainty is whether you’re willing to do what it takes.

As far as my graphic design product, I got the idea because many of my clients order pin design. I am booked out for months, and I wanted a way to help those people without continuing to stretch myself thin. My partner and I looked at the market, and we felt that not enough people were talking about the elements that make up a good Pinterest marketing design - and these elements are universal regardless of your niche or platform.

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