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*Athena Stratakis and Maria Stratakis * is an American entrepreneur. Athena started Kala Mobile Meditation Studio in 2019 and is based in Baltimore, MD.[1]

Athena Stratakis and Maria Stratakis , Founder and Co-founder of Kala Mobile Meditation StudioAthena Stratakis and Maria Stratakis , Founder and Co-founder of Kala Mobile Meditation Studio


Kala Mobile Meditation Studio


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Kala Mobile Meditation Studio

Athena started Kala Mobile Meditation Studio in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Kala Mobile Meditation Studio?

Athena (Tina) Stratakis, a massage therapist and life coach, in collaboration with her daughter, Maria Stratakis, mental health, and school counselor, created Kala. The inspiration for Kala grew from a desire to support the health and wellness of Baltimore by sharing the long-lasting benefits of mindfulness and meditation with the community.

We always knew we wanted to bring mindfulness to individuals who normally would not seek it out, whether it was because of time constraints or because of not having been exposed to it.

With Athena's background in massage therapy and life coaching, she gained insight into her client's everyday struggles, especially job-related stress. Between work and family, it was often difficult for clients to find time for regular self-care. She learned from her time spent at Tai Sophia Institute studying energy therapy, how the body positively responds to sound, and how it helps still the mind. With that insight, she felt confident that sound therapy and meditation brought to the workplace would provide a convenient and effective way to manage stress.

Maria holds a Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling from the Teachers College at Columbia University. As a counselor, Maria focused on preventative strategies and helping clients develop and practice healthy and adaptive ways to better cope with everyday stress. She became interested in the mindfulness-based approaches used in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and the growing research supporting the benefits of mindfulness techniques and meditation. The transition from counseling to Kala felt natural as she grew frustrated with the lack of access to effective mental health care resources. For Maria, the inspiration to transition away from counseling grew from a desire to support healthcare providers as well. Kala, we can offer both exposures to the practice of meditation, the benefits of mindfulness in a way that’s realistic, accessible, time-efficient—regardless of age, daily schedules, neighborhood, background, or meditation experience.

Athena and Maria brought their complementary perspectives and experiences to the idea of helping individuals better manage daily stress with mindful meditation in a way that’s accessible, approachable, and convenient.

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