Arlie Peyton

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Arlie Peyton is an American entrepreneur. Arlie started Writing Income Accelerator in 2018 and is based in Lake Oswego.[1]

Arlie Peyton, founder of Writing Income AcceleratorArlie Peyton, founder of Writing Income Accelerator


Writing Income Accelerator


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Writing Income Accelerator

Arlie started Writing Income Accelerator in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Writing Income Accelerator?

I came up with my idea after failing at a digital marketing course I bought for $1,000. When I was finished, I tried to apply what I learned but I forgot most of it. In a way, I thought the course was too good to be true. However, since I spent a lot on the course I decided to retake it and master the business model. I ended up getting my first client two weeks later and making good money. To this day, I still own a boutique marketing agency that provides a steady income for minimal work.

I thought the course was genius so I wrote the owner. I offered to do a free write-up on the course and what others have achieved. The owner was delighted with the idea and I got it published on

A few weeks later, that article went viral. Also, it got ranked on page #1 of Google for several key terms in the social media marketing agency (SMMA) industry. The owner was surprised and hired me to write other articles for him. This time I charged him!

Now, I did know quite a lot about SEO before writing commercially. I had studied it for six years, ranking various affiliate sites of mine. However, I didn’t quite know how to make a real business out of it. I figured out how to combine SEO, brand journalism, sales funnels, and storytelling to make a highly lucrative writing agency.

In time, I managed to rank for dozens of desirable keywords on page #1 of Google. These words had an SEO keyword difficulty score that ranged from “possible” to “very hard”. This completely validated what I was doing. I regularly beat out billion-dollar brands and well-know websites. For example, last year I ranked for the difficult keyword “swing trading”.



> It’s better to find out what you’re good at and see if there is a market for that. Don’t try everything just because there’s money in it.

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