Antonia Rasheva

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Antonia Rasheva is a Bulgarian entrepreneur. Antonia started antoniarasheva3614 in 2015 and is based in Sofia.[1]

Antonia Rasheva, founder of antoniarasheva3614Antonia Rasheva, founder of antoniarasheva3614




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Early Career

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Antonia started antoniarasheva3614 in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on antoniarasheva3614?

I am an artist and designer by heart and tourist by profession. All the logos you see on my websites are done by me.

The journey was and it is still difficult because most people do not support you, they doubt of your success. There is no support for me, relying mostly on myself and the people I meet in daily life offline and online.

I love what I do and have the faith that one day it will expand and become my full-time occupation.

My goal is to make people happy as much as possible. When they use my products, a smile to shine on their faces all the time, especially when they wake up starting the new day.

I studied a bit about colors, graphic design, and a bit of Macromedia Flash Player in university because I had this possibility. It was not related to my cultural tourism degree but still managed to learn, which gave me the foundation of the e-commerce business today.

My paintings are abstract which makes them perfect for fashion and home decoration products. It happens spontaneously.

Finances at the time were very little and I had to safe from food to support my online business. I mean instead of buying fruits, for example, I invest them in advertising.

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