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Anshul Sharma is an Indian entrepreneur. Anshul started BrandBurp Digital in 2015.[1]

Anshul Sharma,  of BrandBurp DigitalAnshul Sharma, of BrandBurp Digital


BrandBurp Digital


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BrandBurp Digital

Anshul started BrandBurp Digital in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on BrandBurp Digital?

My story is also like thousands of other people, who aspire to do something of their own. The only difference is I executed my plans and made them my reality. Despite coming from a B.Tech background, my interest and keenness were in Marketing and Sales because of which I pursued PGDM in Sales & Marketing from Symbiosis, Pune, following which I studied Executive MBA in Sales at Cambridge University. Thereafter, I worked at a corporate firm. It took me a while to realize that the job wasn’t meant for me as I always aspired to become an entrepreneur and wanted to establish my own company.

Stay focused on your goal and start without any fear.

I have always been a hustler, who paved his way to follow his dreams. And that’s what I did when I left my well-settled job. I started researching businesses, their insights, and every aspect of entrepreneurship.

Another big step was starting a business in the field of Digital Marketing. Today, digital marketing services are sought-after by almost all big and small brands. But back in the day, when I started the company, it was an alien concept for most people, especially in India. Now, when I see my journey, I feel proud, because the risks I took in life paid off well and gave me more than what I expected.

My company has been working on the promotion and branding of startups, enterprises, organizations, and agencies, and helping them thrive in the competitive market since 2015.

I started BrandBurp with a vision to revolutionize the functioning of websites, mobile applications, and brands. And ever since, my team and I have been working on conceptualizing brands by growth hacking their revenue structure to boost their audience and make profits. BrandBurp creates as well as expands the market presence of brands by promoting them on digital channels such as websites and social media.

Our powerhouse team consists of business managers, PR and outreach influences, SEO page rankers, content marketers, content writers marketers, and social media executives. They use strategies and tactics to increase leads, revenue, and conversion. From making a digital presence to building an online reputation, BrandBurp uses the best tools to expand businesses.

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