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Annette Thomas is an American entrepreneur. Annette started The Digital Vibe Podcast and Network in 2015.[1]

Annette Thomas, founder of The Digital Vibe Podcast and NetworkAnnette Thomas, founder of The Digital Vibe Podcast and Network


The Digital Vibe Podcast and Network




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The Digital Vibe Podcast and Network

Annette started The Digital Vibe Podcast and Network in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on The Digital Vibe Podcast and Network?

Wow! Where do I begin! I started this journey as an Internet Marketer because I felt the need to challenge myself and grow myself and something special into something dynamic! I saw the Internet as a way to express myself in a way that I would not have been able to do otherwise. There is no color barrier nor gender. No educational restrictions. No judgment. These were reasons to start and continue as it allows me to be totally authentic and enjoy freedom and independence as never before.

Building a brand is not just about the money that you will make but about who you truly are as a human being. It's about becoming an evolved human being and becoming that best person possible.

The freedom to be able to pursue your dreams without limitations is freedom! No holds barred! The unlimited possibilities and opportunities are incredible! What could I not pursue if I wanted it? A life without limits, no one can stop you! As an avid reader and published writer and author, I can express myself in ways that evoke love and express a passion for what I love. I enjoy being able to take my talent of writing and be able to create something special and then share that with an audience who are interested and seeing how it impacts their lives.

As a person who loves to learning, yes this is one of my secret weapons, the Internet is fodder for me! It's my playground! I enjoy learning and educating myself on what needs to be learned when I need to do so. This dream of mine requires that self-education be the prerequisite of this venture, without it my hope and desires fail. It is because of these reasons that I started what I call "my entrepreneur's journey", as an Internet Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Publisher.

The moments, I say moments because there were many which bring a recollection of tears to my eyes. The reason I started as an Internet Marketer was a result of individuals making a choice not to hire me. Financially I was at my wit's end. No money other than what my partner was earning which was adequate for us at the time but I wanted to own my own income. For whatever reason (I will not disclose) and with my back against the wall I had to do something and the something I did was take a look at myself and ask myself the ever-present question, "who are you, Annette?" Being able to answer that question honestly gave me the reason and the way to do what I do. No regrets!

By validating myself I validated my products. My podcast, for example, I decided to start 5 years ago because I felt my voice was not being heard enough and I wanted to expand my talents. I saw podcasting as an outlet to be able to speak my truth about who I am and to convey a message, the story of my life because that matters! Over the years as a podcaster, I took what I learned from Internet marketing and business and turned that into a podcast enterprise that includes merchandise, premium podcast episodes, and digital ebooks. So yes, I do have a story to tell and it mattered because I am doing this interview for your audience!

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