Angela Mary Vaz

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Angela Mary Vaz is an Indian entrepreneur. Angela started Stray Curls in 2017 and is based in Bangalore.[1]

Angela Mary Vaz,  of Stray CurlsAngela Mary Vaz, of Stray Curls


Stray Curls




Early Career

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Stray Curls

Angela started Stray Curls in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Stray Curls?

I have a degree in Computer Science and Engineering but I never wanted to work in a Corporate job from 9-5. I wanted to stay at home and spend time with my new pup. So, I learned how to make websites and I started getting clients via Facebook Groups.

It was fun. I also did a lot of Graphic Designing but not having a Drawing Tablet really limited my creativity. I saved up and got a Wacom that I started practicing on straight away!

I feel email marketing is highly underrated. Your money is in your mailing list.

I started an Online Store on the side on Etsy to sell my digital prints just for fun.


By 2017, I started posting Comics on Instagram and I got loads of Illustration Clients. I realized I was having way too much fun making curly hair comics and drawing portraits, so I slowly migrated from creating websites to making illustrations and comics.


I grew my Instagram account to 180K followers in 6 months. I started creating merchandise like notebooks, badges, and calendars and selling them on my Website.


In January 2018, a glitch affected my Account and I was unable to post. Heartbroken, I sat around moping for 3 months before a few of my friends stepped in and told me to start a Website.

They firmly believed that Social Media could collapse any day and having a fully-fledged business that depended only on Social Media was a bad idea.

So, in April 2018, I started my Blog on Stray Curls.

I didn’t know which niche to pursue, so I started blogging about Art, Creativity, and Online Businesses. Eventually I realized I needed to narrow down my niche. I was really good at starting Online Businesses. I had given advice to loads of Artists and Creators and I thought… why not make this MY thing?

That’s how Stray Curls was born!

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