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Andy Sartori is an American entrepreneur. Andy started MealPro in 2017 and is based in Sacramento.[1]

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Andy started MealPro in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on MealPro?

I hatched the business idea for MealPro almost by chance, while I was out with two friends to grab a bite.

Since I started the company three years ago we have doubled in size every year, we have served about 5,000 customers across the US, hitting an annualized revenue run rate of one million dollars.

They were different in a lot of ways – gender, lifestyle, body type, and much more – and both were on a diet, but they ordered the same meal. The girl was eating too much for her diet, while my other friend was eating too little.

I realized that restaurants are standard but people are unique and recognized the business opportunity for customized meal prep.

My motivation behind starting a business: While there are many food delivery companies (Uber eats, DoorDash...) all of them leverage a network of existing restaurants and act as “middlemen” between the food maker and the final customer. What I wanted to do was build a company where the technology used to order food is in perfect sync with the Chef that is making the food. This means that through MealPro you can use our intuitive web platform to order a custom meal and our Chefs are on the same page as our technology.

So, I started MealPro. Today MealPro is an online food delivery service that specializes in custom, ready-to-eat meals made with natural ingredients. Unlike other startups, MealPro’s biggest advantage is that we make and sell the product - we then give the user more control over customizations.

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