Andrew Kamphey

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Andrew Kamphey is an entrepreneur. Andrew started Better Sheets in 2020.[1]

Andrew Kamphey, founder of Better SheetsAndrew Kamphey, founder of Better Sheets


Better Sheets


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Early Career

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Better Sheets

Andrew started Better Sheets in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Better Sheets?

It began as a side project while building a web app. I had wanted to launch something helpful to a broad set of people. And I wanted to launch something that could run without my interference.

In the company that I co-founded, to do ad sales we were constantly building biz models and outreach in Google Sheets. My co-founder earlier this year mentioned that all my Google Sheets look great. And are way above anything else he had seen.

I didn’t have to validate it, necessarily, before creating it. I just launched the damn thing on a Friday. Landing page, 4 free videos, and 4 paid videos. I set a price and moved on with my life. Come Monday I had a sale, and everything blasted off from there.

Or so I thought. 2 weeks later I had only done one sale. But the damn thing existed and I just kept working on it. Adding more and more videos. 15 each week.

The first customer was blown away. He ended up sending me, unsolicited, 3 emails of testimonials. Showing me the Google Sheets he made before and after watching my videos. This alone gave me the motivation to keep moving.

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