Andrew Hoffman

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Andrew Hoffman is a Canadian entrepreneur. Andrew started My Franchise Partners in 2014 and is based in Brampton.[1]

Andrew Hoffman, founder of My Franchise PartnersAndrew Hoffman, founder of My Franchise Partners


My Franchise Partners


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Early Career

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My Franchise Partners

Andrew started My Franchise Partners in 2014. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on My Franchise Partners?

My background includes varied experience with the finance, operations and business development of retail, wholesale, manufacturing, distribution, importing, exporting, sales and consulting companies.

I was very fortunate to enjoy many challenges with start-up, turnaround, and fast-paced opportunities. This includes multiple locations, union and non-union shops, international commerce, restructuring and defining roles, policies, and procedures

Over the years many people suggested I had the experience and attributes required for success as a consultant. As I explored a variety of ideas I was drawn to the franchise world. I get to work with people who have a strong desire to operate their own business, build a better future and want to leave a legacy for their family. I thoroughly enjoy working with entrepreneurs who are ready for the next step in their growth cycle.

An important step in my validation process was interviewing a number of people in the franchise sales profession. This included franchise brokers and executives in franchise broker associations.

My background in finance, operations, and business development has benefitted me tremendously. People fail to realize there is actually a fair degree of sales type thinking in a senior managerial role; selling budgets to the ownership group or the board of directors, capital acquisitions, integrating new technology, enveloping new processes, developing new product lines.

I was certainly not flush with cash at the time, so I needed to be sure this was a good idea and I could make it work. As a single parent with no alternative source of support, this was a very important decision.

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