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Anastasia Andreani is an American entrepreneur. Anastasia started Vizio Makeup Academy in 2011 and is based in Los Angeles.[1]

Anastasia Andreani, founder of Vizio Makeup AcademyAnastasia Andreani, founder of Vizio Makeup Academy


Vizio Makeup Academy


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Vizio Makeup Academy

Anastasia started Vizio Makeup Academy in 2011. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Vizio Makeup Academy?

Let’s start from the beginning…

A career in beauty education was not what I grew up thinking I would do. I was born in a small town in the Midwest. Life wasn’t always a bed of roses for me. The circumstances of my upbringing and the fear and uncertainty I experienced at a very young age when my parents got divorced contributed to an early sense of needing to fend for myself. Having very little money, I worked many jobs to try to make ends meet. I struggled between working and going to school. While I thought my parents’ divorce had been a curse for most of my childhood and into my teen years, I later realized it hadn’t been a curse at all; it had actually turned into a really valuable gift for me. It has given me a spirit of both independence and experimentation, which I truly believe has led me to where I am today.

I first studied business administration and finance in college and earned my business degree. I spent many years working a 9-5 office job, but it wasn’t long before I knew I wanted more—something was missing. For my entire life, I have had a love for beauty. I’m a creative person by nature, and art has forever inspired and moved me. I also have a true love for being able to help others grow, to feel beautiful and to be more confident about themselves. This passion drives me and gives me the energy to help others see their true beauty and potential. I knew I wanted to do something in life that caused people to smile on the outside as well as on the inside and that used my creative talents in a more meaningful way. These longings led me down an entirely new path in life.

> Vizio Makeup Academy has enrolled over 3,300 students and generated $2.4M in revenue this year. We plan to invest it all back into our company to launch our newest venture of becoming the first makeup academy franchise in the world.

I kept searching for a new opportunity to get into the beauty industry, which I loved so much. I enrolled and graduated from Pivot Point Academy in Chicago, where I earned my esthetician license and professional makeup artistry certification. After graduating, I was fortunate to have many great opportunities that led me to work with prestigious spas and med spas, amazing brands, models, celebrities and many other professionals in the industry. I was a focused, hardworking makeup artist and esthetician, and I was very persistent. I networked with other professionals in the industry, and I quickly realized that everyone just wants to feel beautiful and confident.

I found the perfect way to help people achieve this through my work as a makeup artist and esthetician. Great skin gave my clients the perfect canvas for great makeup, which led to instant confidence. It absolutely is all about feeling as breathtaking on the inside as you do on the outside. After gaining years of experience and learning tricks and secrets from the experts in the industry, I decided it was time to go to another level. I had a yearning to share all my knowledge and secrets with others. I had been blessed with many mentors, so I now wanted to be a mentor for others. It wasn’t long before my thoughts and dreams started to take shape.

I started doing live makeup events in my area. We had students flying in from all over: Brazil, Italy, the UK and many other areas just to attend our live makeup classes. Not only did we change people’s lives, but we also generated a great income, and we started to build our business model. I had a love for helping and connecting with people from all over the world while doing what we love to do, which led us to start thinking about being able to reach more people from all over the world. This was really our ah-ha moment when lightning struck, giving us the idea to teach makeup courses online. We saw this as our way forward to the next level, and in 2011, I teamed up with my now husband, Alfredo Andreani. Utilizing all his professional photography, cosmetic product, fashion, website and app development and extensive SEO background skills, we started working on our dream: to create the most amazing, interactive, advanced, futuristic online makeup academy in the world.


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