Amy Baxter MD

Founder of Pain Care Labs
from Atlanta, Georgia, USA
started August 2006
Our story began with Buzzy, a medical device for needle phobia. I’m a pediatric emergency doctor and discovered a frequency of mechanical oscillation that could block injection pain for my kids. When we added ice to the frequency in a palm-sized cute device, we reduced needle pain 80%! ...
Great business ideas sometimes intrude while you’re trying to do something else. As a pediatric emergency doctor, I was trying to teach other doctors not to cause unnecessary pain. When I realized that patients care more about their own pain than doctors do, I invented a vibrating ice...
As a pediatric emergency doctor, I invented a device to block needle pain, with the goal being to improve the home self-injecting experience and make vaccinations easier. In 2006 I filed for the patents and started trying to get grant money to do the R&D. (As an academic, I figured if t...