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Amit Singha is an Indian entrepreneur. Amit started Anuprerna in 1985 and is based in Kolkata.[1]

Amit Singha, founder of AnuprernaAmit Singha, founder of Anuprerna



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Amit started Anuprerna in 1985. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Anuprerna?

The business has been pioneered and driven by my father in 1983, inspired by the artisansโ€™ community around, started out of a small village in Burdwan district of West Bengal, India. Iโ€™ve grown up seeing and speaking to weavers who used to be regular visitors at our place. My father has been working closely with the weaversโ€™ community and connecting the crafts to primarily domestic consumers through small retail stores across India.

Post my education as a computer engineer & an MBA graduate, with work experience of 3+ years in the field of finance & strategy, I decided to spearhead Anuprerna to create a sustainable and eco-friendly global brand to uplift Indiaโ€™s indigenous textile by leveraging various industries like IT, E-commerce, art, music and more.

There has always been an emotional connection I had working on these artisanal crafts. Moreover, I had always wanted to start my own brand. So there seemed to be a good fit I found to take the plunge and start this Brand Anuprerna in 2019. There is a certain meaning to the name โ€œAnuprernaโ€ (Inspiration) that highlights my personal and brand vision as well.

I believe the most effective way to bring in positive change in the world is by inspiring. The vision of the brand is to earn love and respect for East Indiaโ€™s crafts, a growing interest in social responsibility, the use of natural & sustainable material, and share this incredible tradition with the world.

My personal vision was to be an inspiration for other individuals, who are also born & brought up in the midst of the rural Indian culture, to someday work towards contributing back to their roots, empowering the very culture and the people he or she has grown up with.

But itโ€™s more than a business for us as it supports a group of communities, some of which we have been working with my father for more than 30 years now. Although I donโ€™t have any particular background on Textile or Fashion, I did understand there is a definitive appreciation for these crafts and handmade textiles. One thing that needs the most is awareness. For the initial one year, I tried to approach all domestic fashion brands who're looking for sustainable or artisanal textiles. They absolutely loved the textiles we had developed over the years. With that, I started to explore new crafts, new product categories simultaneously with new markets for these products.

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