Amelia Lin

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Amelia Lin is an American entrepreneur. Amelia started Saga in 2018.[1]

Amelia Lin, founder of SagaAmelia Lin, founder of Saga




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Early Career

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Amelia started Saga in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Saga?

I started Saga for my mom and dad, so it comes from a very personal place. I’m Chinese-American, and when my sister and I were kids, my mom and dad used to tell us stories about growing up, how they met, why they came to America. So, for years, I’d begged my parents to find some way of recording these stories, not just for me but for my kids someday, and their kids. I wanted to create something easy for them for use, something fun, and something we could use together as a family even when we're apart.

> I think a lot of the founder’s journey is, really, can you hold on long enough for things to turn around--can you just keep holding on?

I knew there was something special about the idea of Saga when I started telling others about it - it lit up people’s eyes, and captured their imagination. I wasn’t sure then exactly what kind of product I would end up building, but I knew this was a problem that was incredibly meaningful to me, and I thought I could use my background working in technology to create something great not just for my family but for families everywhere.


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