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Amanda Freick is an American entrepreneur. Amanda started Amanda Louise in and is based in Tucson, AZ.[1]

Amanda Freick, founder of Amanda LouiseAmanda Freick, founder of Amanda Louise


Amanda Louise


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Amanda Louise

Amanda started Amanda Louise in . They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Amanda Louise?

My journey is an interesting one. I’ve spent my life as an overachiever. Valedictorian in high school, an electrical engineering degree in college, quick promotions in my career… always running, no, more like CHASING, what I thought was my dream.

Through some key relationships, and A LOT of self-work, I’ve found that most of that was just noise. Do I love my job? I love my WORK. I love connecting people for the greater good. I love finding the positive spin on things. I love creating something that helps women feel amazing.

It’s taken a while for me to realize that the things that light me up do not come in a specific form. They are realized in my “day job”, in my “side hustle”, and everywhere in between.

> Choose wisely on where to invest your time and money. It’s so tempting to want to do all the things, but that won’t make you successful. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

The idea for Amanda Louise came about in 2013 when I was preparing for my first bikini competition. I had ordered a suit online, and quite frankly, wasn’t super happy with it. I have been sewing for as long as I can remember and KNEW I’d be able to do this better. Not only the physical quality, but the customer experience. These suits are quite the financial investment, and athletes are preparing for months to step on stage… they deserved to have individual attention for such a special event. After over a year perfecting my sewing skills on Lycra (which is a PAIN to work with!!) and nailing down the pattern, I launched Amanda Louise by wearing my own original design to a show in Spring of 2014.

Although I am wildly passionate about AmandaLouise, I also have a true love for my life within the electric utility industry. My “career” is working as an Operations Director for an international Engineering Firm. In this role, I travel quite a bit and get to support an industry that is so vitally important to the way we live.

Having a demanding corporate career while building my own business is not an easy balance… especially when you add in a wonderful family that includes a darling two-year-old boy. But it’s worth it. HUGE shoutout to my amazing husband Ken who also has an incredibly demanding job, but somehow still supports me in all my crazy dreams. #TeamFreick


I have been obsessed with swimwear since I was a teen and creating AmandaLouise allows me to have a creative outlet and also let my entrepreneurial spirit thrive.

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