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Ali Katz is an American entrepreneur. Ali started New Law Business Model in 2012 and is based in Boulder.[1]

Ali Katz, founder of New Law Business ModelAli Katz, founder of New Law Business Model


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New Law Business Model

Ali started New Law Business Model in 2012. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on New Law Business Model?

After building my own million dollar law practice and then another million dollars a year online training company serving lawyers, I decided to walk away from all of it and file bankruptcy, honestly because I couldn’t handle the success I created and didn’t fully believe in the work I was doing. And, part of me hated being a lawyer. My mindset was really bad, and I didn’t understand how much that was impacting me, and the people around me.

Funny enough, in the process of walking away from everything I had created, Life showed me that it wasn’t being a lawyer I hated. It was what being a lawyer evoked in me because of the broken mindsets that many lawyers have around scarcity, and competition, and win/lose dynamics. And, I eventually came to see that being a lawyer is a huge gift when we have the right mindset, eliminate scarcity, shift into collaboration and win/win dynamics.

Ultimately, I was able to see that I really do have something special and important for lawyers who are longing to be able to bring their hearts and souls into their law practices, without sacrificing their income or time with their family or friends. I saw that I was meant to create the business model and systems lawyers need so they could focus on being the counselors and trusted advisors to the families and small business owners they serve, while we made the marketing, technology, team, and numbers part of the business much easier.

Today, the lawyers we serve love what we offer them, and as a result, we’ve now hit the Inc 5000 for two years in a row, and have over 200 member lawyers who are licensed as either Personal Family Lawyers or Family Business Lawyers, and we're-train nearly 400 lawyers per year. Our amazing team of 25+ is 100% remote, work from home, and we’ve just brought on our first COO, so I’m no longer running things myself, which feels amazing.

I do maintain a tiny roster of private clients from my home-based law practice in Colorado, where I co-parent my two teenagers with my ex-husband (we even still live together, but that’s a story for another article), and I am working on some exciting projects with my life partner that will likely have a big impact in the financial services industry in years to come.

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