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Alexander Isora is an entrepreneur. Alexander started Unicorn Platform in 2018 and is based in Saint Petersburg.[1]

Alexander Isora,  of Unicorn PlatformAlexander Isora, of Unicorn Platform


Unicorn Platform


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Unicorn Platform

Alexander started Unicorn Platform in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Unicorn Platform?

The most common question I’m asked is “how did you come up with the idea?”. Or the more expressive version: “are you crazy to dive into such a competitive area?!”.

That was actually an easy choice! 😁

I’m a startup folk. I launched over 15 tech projects: big and small, successful and not, profitable and fun-only. This gave me a huge experience in prototyping, designing and coding a landing page.

Moreover, I’m an ex-cofounder in a web design and development startup. We were selling premium landing page templates for startups. I connected with dozens of startup founders and marketers who were in need of a landing page. This gave me a crystal clear understanding of the market and the user.

This wasn’t something: “ha, now I know the market, I will build a product and earn easy money!!”. It was more like: “POOR GUYS! They suffer so MUCH to build a landing page. I have a great experience and I can help them! Let’s do it!”.

It felt good when I chose my path and decided to start the Unicorn Platform. A deep feeling of calm and confidence. Something I always wanted to reach. This is true happiness and I’m grateful for my past experience for helping me achieve this. I wish you to find your true way too!

By the way, let me know if you need help with that search. I would love to assist you if possible.

One may say: “An idea is not enough. How about money?”. Good point!

At that time I just quit a startup with empty pockets. And when I decided to start the Unicorn Platform, I needed some funds to pay rent and buy some food.

Having a part-time job or having a freelance gig was not an option. I wanted to fully dive into the project. So I needed some money to start.

My solution was crowdfunding.

This is how I solved this problem. A step-by-step guide just for you:

  • Build an MVP. It took 160 hours to build an initial version of the Unicorn Platform.
  • Create a crowdfunding page. I offered a limited amount (50) of lifetime licenses for a fixed price. These 50 folks were promised to be given exclusive unlimited access to the Unicorn Platform.
  • Launch your MVP and publish the lifetime offer page on Product Hunt.
  • Get the cash to build the product!

Well, to be honest, this actually wasn’t such an easy-peasy task. The problem was that Product Hunt helped me to sell only half of the licenses. The second half was sold on this Facebook group full of passionate entrepreneurs.

You need also to have some respect and reputation among the community. Thank goodness, I had a solid background in making products so people trusted me.

It is also crucial to have a decent MVP. The Unicorn Platform MVP was actively bought because it was bringing real value. It is a good proof of concept.

So let’s sum it up: Good MVP + reputation + sweet offer = successful lifetime deal sales.

And if you have all those you don’t even need the help of Appsumo, which will grab a huge part of your profits as a commission.


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