Alex and Ryan Hutchinson

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Alex and Ryan Hutchinson is an Australian entrepreneur. Alex started Mahiya in and is based in Gold Coast .[1]

Alex and Ryan Hutchinson,  of MahiyaAlex and Ryan Hutchinson, of Mahiya






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Early Career

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Alex started Mahiya in . They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Mahiya?

When we started the business in 2013 Ryan was running his own small roofing business and I had a start-up label with a friend of mine selling at the local markets on the Gold Coast and also singing in bands and shows and also working as a disability carer. When I left my other business partner I asked Ryan if he would be interested in helping me with a new concept I had. We had only been together for 6 months at the time but Ryan thought why not give it a go and helped me get the business set up. In the beginning, we ran the business out of our spare bedroom until we outgrew that and moved to our garage where we built shelves and small office space.

Ryan had some limited experience in running a business but was very good with numbers. Ryan invested 20k as a start-up cost for the business, we allocated 15k of this into stock and the other 5k was spent on setting up our first website, our market stall setup and some marketing material.

You start a business to make money right so you want to know exactly what you are making and how much it costs. Remember your hours are worth something too.

Growing up I had a collection of vintage hand tool bags and wallets I bought online that I was obsessed with but always found the designs very basic and impractical so I started hand drawing designs of my own and found some leather tailors who could produce our first samples. Every woman carries a wallet and a handbag so we thought we couldn’t go wrong and there was nothing like what we were doing in the market.

When we started the business we had some savings so we never had to borrow any money or take out loans to finance Mahiya.

Once our first delivery of stock had arrived we had been growing our Instagram page and we already had a lot of interest in the products so sales started coming in straight away. We also launched the brand at our local fashion Market to help get the word out. At this stage, Ryan took 6 months off and I continued to work part-time for another 6 months before leaving to work full-time on Mahiya.


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