Alex Albarran

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Alex Albarran is an American entrepreneur. Alex started Dream Client Academy in 2017 and is based in Hollywood, Florida.[1]

Alex Albarran, founder of Dream Client AcademyAlex Albarran, founder of Dream Client Academy


Dream Client Academy


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Early Career

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Dream Client Academy

Alex started Dream Client Academy in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Dream Client Academy?

Growing up, I had a natural tendency to be entrepreneurial. I was flipping shoes, strollers, video game consoles, trading cards & anything I could get my hands on all throughout middle & high school. However, this was enabled 100% by my father instilling professionalism, attention to detail and a strong work ethic in me since I was very young.

He made me work for everything I wanted, didn’t allow any excuses about ANYTHING, and ultimately helped me develop an inner-drive/hustle that’s been the main reason why I’ve been able to do anything like an entrepreneur. Without him and his approach to my upbringing, there’s NO WAY I’d be doing what I’m doing now business-wise.

So thank you dad :)

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