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Aleksey Weyman is an American entrepreneur. Aleksey started Millennial Moderator in 2018 and is based in Seattle.[1]

Aleksey Weyman,  of Millennial ModeratorAleksey Weyman, of Millennial Moderator


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Early Career

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Millennial Moderator

Aleksey started Millennial Moderator in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Millennial Moderator?

Millennial Moderator started as a hobby project. I was teaching myself how to write basic HTML/CSS as a hobby, and a blog seemed to be the most accessible way to channel my practice, so I created a simple website and wrote a couple of articles to fill the space. This was the first article I wrote, and I’ve left much of the original styling for the sake of origin.

It’s up to us as entrepreneurs to design the future of the world, to reshape entire industries and start new ones. Keep that eagerness alive in whatever way possible.

While I do have a BA in Technology Innovation Management from the University of Washington, I have had no formal programming experience, nor training. Everything I learned came from personal interest and research. I do, however, consider myself to have an eye for innovation, which quickly became the main source of value of my blog- that is to show people the most innovative, industry trends we could find.

After about 6 months of creating and filling Millennial Moderator with content, I really began to see the value that it provided for readers, and we refined the brand into what it is now. Most of our early Mods were based on personal experiences, which worked well because most of our readers (at first) were the people I shared the pieces with, people of the same age, profession, etc.

Business validation came from readers who enjoyed the articles I wrote, and as I wrote more, people became more interested. I wish I had screenshots of people's comments, but most of them were in person, the people that I shared Mods with in real life. Though I did occasionally get some recognition for sharing value on forums like Reddit.

Developing MM took a massive amount of time, mostly because of my lack of familiarity with coding, but also because I work a 9-5 job. All of my programmings was done late at night or early in the morning, but I made sure to read and catch up on forums throughout the day as best I could.

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