Akshay Patel

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Akshay Patel is an American entrepreneur. Akshay started Simply Decor and Events in 2016.[1]

Akshay Patel, founder of Simply Decor and EventsAkshay Patel, founder of Simply Decor and Events


Simply Decor and Events




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Simply Decor and Events

Akshay started Simply Decor and Events in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Simply Decor and Events?

I always had an eye for decor whether it was with my room, home, or anything. I was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, and went to college at the University of New Mexico where I got my bachelor’s in Biology and a minor in Psychology. All along with my schooling, I was following the path to becoming a dentist which I thought was my passion and what I enjoyed. When I graduated high school I wanted to throw myself a big party. So my dad gave me a budget of $3,000 which had to include the venue, DJ, catering, bar, and decor.

> I learned that when advertising you have to try different and unique ideas. From this you will learn what will work for your specific clientele, this process is a trial and error.

Of course, you know when you want a real fancy party the venue usually takes most of the budget, as it did. I was left with $200 for decor. I then began talking to decor companies and found that everything I wanted was not going to be possible with that amount. I thought out of the box and began making all my own decor.

Instead of charger plates I made paper placemats, I made the centerpieces, party favors, and even did fabric draping in the ceiling and a backdrop for my table. While I was setting up my event the hotel event manager was giving a tour of the venue to a bride. The bride asked the manager about who did the decor since she needed a decorator. The manager then introduced the bride to me and we began talking. I told her I would love to decorate her event.

I took $500 from my savings and bought everything she needed and began making all the decorations. From her event, I got 2 more events and then it just took off into a full-blown business.

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