Ahmed Nassar

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Ahmed Nassar is an Egyptian entrepreneur. Ahmed started DXFforCNC.com in 2016 and is based in cairo.[1]

Ahmed Nassar, founder of DXFforCNC.comAhmed Nassar, founder of DXFforCNC.com




Early Career

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Ahmed started DXFforCNC.com in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on DXFforCNC.com?

I graduated from the faculty of aviation engineering and technology and I started working on my field once I graduated until now but always love the arts and from my childhood used to draw using the traditional ways of pencils and papers. After I got my 1st computer I decided to improve my hobby by learning the digital arts and I learned some basics of designing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, 3D Max, Dreamweaver, fireworks and other software and used to follow some inspirational websites like DeviantArt.

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I decided to start working as a freelancer in 2010 and I started working on freelancer websites as a graphic designer part-time. During this time I finished many successful jobs and started to build and enrich my portfolio.

Besides the freelancer job, I worked in a kind of arts called micro stocks, it was a very small business and may help the beginner, simply you design small elements that can be used by another professional designer to use them on his professional design.

Assuming that the professional designer wants to design a sunrise view he will need small elements to build this view like sun, sky, ocean, trees, gardens and maybe people, to design all these elements himself it’ll take a lot of time, so he may purchase these small elements that are called micro stocks designs. You can design the elements and sell them many times with royalty-free licensing.

One day I met my now old friend Matt DeVos, he was a client looking for a kind of designs that are similar to silhouetted designs but using special rules to use them with metal cutting CNC machines. He hired me and I worked for him about 2 or 3 years until I decided to start my own website business.

I studied the monthly costs and what I needed to start before launching the website. I spent more time designing and building the products and content for the website. This also included all the products and descriptions, keywords, prices, and other SEO requirements. When I launched I had less than 100 designs available and gradually I started to create other designs by working about 2 hours daily designing and generating ideas and info about the most required designs from the customers. Today we have more than 600 active products on our website containing more than 3000 unique designs.

Researching the options to launch my website, I found Shopify, which is SEO friendly and provides very easy to use and well-designed stores. The starting fees of the website were only $30 per month.

I was shocked when I saw my first order on the website after about weeks from launching. Yes, the sales were not daily and the revenue was very low but I realized that I started the right way and I had to continue.

The most important thing I was doing was to read more about the improvement of the website and I learned that the most powerful way to do that is to enrich the content of the website, the visitors should find what they are looking for in your website, day after day I increase my designs and the number of the visitors gradually increasing, till now I continue to improve my skills in SEO, social media and other marketing ways and focus on the right way that works with my website, not all the way that works with the other successful business worked with my website.

As you can see, the idea is not to brand new or innovative. I learned from a business and management expertise to "look in the box before thinking out of the box"; the box is full of ideas that are certified as successful businesses if you follow the guidelines and steps. When you tried all of them then you can think out of the box and come up with new ideas.

My business is most popular in the USA region as they love this kind of arts so I focused on the culture of the USA and what they love to make designs for them like popular kinds of automobiles, motorcycle, sports nature and animals, garden decorations and so on. This is the main target market as I have more than 50% of the sales come from the USA and then I made designs that can be popular for any customers from other countries.

One of the benefits of saving time for the management of the business is that you will get more time to read about improving and managing of your business and get more time to fast contact with your customers and this is a very important point, the customer service, whatever you have experience doing this yourself or you can't and will hire someone expert to do it for you, all the digital products are marked as "non-refundable" but I did not hesitate to refund the money for my customer if he can't use my files or he doesn’t like them, I focus on customer satisfaction. With some of my customers, I refunded the money and after that, I started to solve the issue with him and the customer liked my service and purchased my products again. This is another advice I get from the experts "loose money, earn the customer".

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