Adam Torkildson

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Adam Torkildson is an American entrepreneur. Adam started Tork Media LLC in 2020.[1]

Adam Torkildson, founder of Tork Media LLCAdam Torkildson, founder of Tork Media LLC


Tork Media LLC


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Tork Media LLC

Adam started Tork Media LLC in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Tork Media LLC?

I was homeschooled, so I have a fairly non-traditional education. I feel like that really shaped the way that I approach life in general. My dad was also a clown in Barnum and Bailey circus, so we moved around a lot and I never made very many friends. This led to my parents eventually got divorced, and me becoming addicted to pornography by the time I was 12.

I really struggled to connect with people in real life, and therefore spent most of my time on video games and the internet. Amazingly, I did get married and now have 2 beautiful kids, who are my main motivation for everything I do now.

My neighbor, who is in the Hall of Fame as the winningest coach in American sports history, has been collecting sports and playing cards for over 50 years. One day, as he was coaching my son in javelin, he offered to let me see his collection. I was blown away. He had everything from Jordan rookies, to Kobes, to Babe Ruths, etc. I wasn’t an expert in collecting cards by any means, but like most kids of the ’80s, I had bought a pack or 2 of trading cards from the store. There is a lot of nostalgia there.

The coach (David Houle) asked if I’d like to buy some. I declined, having no interest in owning sports cards anymore at my age. However, once he told me what some of the cards had been selling for on eBay, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much money there was in cards.

I did some research and eventually ended up buying an already existing eBay store from a friend, found some amazing card scanning technology coupled with a cataloging and listing software for eBay, and partnered with coach Houle to sell his entire collection on eBay. Houle Sports LLC was born.

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