Abby (Abhinav) Verma

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Abby (Abhinav) Verma is an American entrepreneur. Abby started SkillSoniq in 2016.[1]

Abby (Abhinav) Verma, founder of SkillSoniqAbby (Abhinav) Verma, founder of SkillSoniq




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Abby started SkillSoniq in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on SkillSoniq?

I have 15 years of professional experience across Investment Banking, Tech Consulting, and Entrepreneurship and have studied in 3 continents in Asia, North America, and Europe from schools like the University of Michigan, Indian School of Business, and the London School of Economics.

I have been an entrepreneur 3 times now and founded my first company at the age of 19 to sell paint jobs to homeowners in Detroit while studying full-time at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. This was my first experience as an entrepreneur and got me hooked to the hustle required to get stuff done. I followed it up with a stint in Investment Banking, which taught me the meaning of perseverance and quality testing when I worked 100+ hours a week on multi-billion dollar Financing and M&A deals.

I came across the idea of starting SkillSoniq when I was working with outsourced talent on a tech project a few years ago, where I was sitting in the United States and working with contractors in the Philippines. That experience was extremely excruciating, as I worked at odd hours to keep up with the time zone differences, had difficulty communicating with the contractors and there was a lot of concern around IP security and trust. That experience put me in major depression and when I started looking for better alternatives to hire talent in the US quickly and at affordable rates, I found that the recruiting space in the US was broken.

It takes 50+ days to hire on job portals, staffing agencies are too expensive and the existing freelance marketplaces connect companies with outsourced, low-quality talent, most of which sits outside the US in a totally different time zone.

Thus, I founded SkillSoniq, to solve my own problem of sourcing skilled talent quickly and at affordable rates. SkillSoniq is an AI-Powered recruiting app that connects companies with skilled, domestic freelancers, giving companies the option to hire a freelancer (s) on their payroll after a “trial”. SkillSoniq is quick, affordable, and convenient – Something that traditional recruitment platforms are not.

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