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Aaron Spivak is a Canadian entrepreneur. Aaron started Hush Blankets in 2018 and is based in Toronto, Ontario.[1]

Aaron Spivak,  of Hush BlanketsAaron Spivak, of Hush Blankets


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Toronto, Ontario


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Hush Blankets

Aaron started Hush Blankets in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Hush Blankets?

Who would have thought that a background in the software (ScopeLeads.io) and restaurant space (Revitasize.ca) would lead to a health product. We’ve always been entrepreneurs, both dropping out of university and with the mindset that we can create more for ourselves than school would ever provide us.

The idea for Hush started when my partner, Lior, worked at an overnight camp for special needs children. They had a room there called the "Stimulation Room" and it had all sorts of devices and tools that were sensory-related. One of them was a weighted blanket.

It was so effective that he kept going back there just to try it out. But it was ugly, and he knew it could be improved.

A couple years later, the Hush Blanket was made into a premium product that any adult can enjoy the benefits from, outside of a hospital or rehab centre.

We both have our own businesses, but we also struggle from stress and sleeping from time to time. Once we started trying our own product, we were in love.

We threw up a quick Shopify site and started running pre-orders. Those flooded in, and we knew our first order was going to sell out quick.

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