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Carl Benson is a British entrepreneur. Carl started Suffolk Latch Company in 2007 and is based in Clare, Suffolk, UK.[1]

Carl Benson,  of Suffolk Latch CompanyCarl Benson, of Suffolk Latch Company


Suffolk Latch Company


Clare, Suffolk, UK


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Early Career

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Suffolk Latch Company

Carl started Suffolk Latch Company in 2007. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Suffolk Latch Company?

A firefighter for 17 years, I also co-ran a small business manufacturing mirrors & coat racks, supplying local shops and selling directly to the public at craft fairs.

The seeds of Suffolk Latch Company were sown when a problem arose with my coat hooks supplier. I discovered my £1 hooks were actually from a manufacturer in India and cost £0.18 per hook.

Invited to visit the factory in India, I saw the commitment to quality and the skilled workmanship. Coinciding with a period of economic recession and the start of the decline of the High Street, our mirror business was already suffering badly. I saw an opportunity.

I tested the viability of Suffolk Latch Company on eBay and then Amazon. It grew from there, and we launched our website in 2007.

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