Arthur Lhermitte

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Arthur Lhermitte is an American entrepreneur. Arthur started Striiiipes in 2012 and is based in Paris, France.[1]

Arthur Lhermitte, founder of StriiiipesArthur Lhermitte, founder of Striiiipes




Paris, France


Early Career

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Arthur started Striiiipes in 2012. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Striiiipes?

After graduating from a French business school (Istec), I studied fashion design in Paris at the Studio Berçot. Learning everything from sketching, sewing, cutting, drawing…

I then decided to launch my own fashion brand, mostly focused on colorful and high-quality fashion accessories.

Quickstarter: Getting started

Thinking of a product for a Quickstarter campaign (this was my first Kickstarter campaign), I thought of lots of accessories, but could not decide what product to make. I then decided I wanted to use all the leather leftovers I already had. Fashion is a very wasteful industry and we should change that!

I had leather leftovers of various colors and sizes. I designed a few prototypes and then decided I wanted to make leather webcam covers out of it. Micro-Suction tape is a great material, it sticks without glue, so you can use it and re-use it almost infinitely.

This product was perfect for the Quickstarter project: small product, super affordable, fun, useful, and easy to produce even with very small leather parts.


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