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Julien Sylvain is a French entrepreneur. Julien started Tediber in 2015 and is based in Paris, France.[1]

Julien Sylvain, founder of TediberJulien Sylvain, founder of Tediber




Paris, France


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Early Career

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Julien started Tediber in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Tediber?

Juan Pablo and Jean-Christophe (2 of my now 3 co-founders) started our first company right after graduation.

They were industrial designers and I was a business student - we met during entrepreneurship class and we started to work on a cardboard furniture project as a school project. Quickly, the projected moved to a passionate humanitarian project: cardboard furniture for natural disasters relief that are manufactured locally, close to the need and thus delivered very quickly.

> I learned that selling a cheap product or an expensive product requires almost the same efforts!

I had planned to start my career in private equity finance and decided that this project was an amazing opportunity I could not miss. So with my 2 co-founders, we created our first company: Leaf Supply.



We developed a great and patented product that we sold to many NGOs, national or supra-national organizations like the Red Cross or the UNHCR.

The most important part of our business model was that cardboard is manufactured locally anywhere on the planet: with Leaf Supply we were offering NGOs to make their emergency supply locally, avoiding huge delays, huge costs of air-transportation or duties.

But due to the lack of local supplies usually, NGOs had been working for years in building big continental hubs where supplies (beds, tents, water etc.) are being stocked and picked-up and shipped quickly when an emergency appears anywhere on the planet.

To make it short, our decentralization of the supply process was going against their efforts to rationalize and centralize supply of equipment in emergency situations.

Two years after, we decided to stop working full time on this project.

After this great adventure, I became a co-founder and managing director of a “traditional” e-commerce business selling Lingerie (Lemon Curve) that we sold a couple of years later.

A new beginning

After this second experience I wanted to start a new venture and defined very precisely my criteria:

  • Selling a product online. I built up a good knowledge of e-business, e-logistic, e-marketing, etc.
  • Develop a product with my ex-partners Juan Pablo and Jean-Christophe. I loved working with them and I loved innovative product development at Leaf Supply. Also, I learned that reselling something online that everyone can sell does not make a lot of sense, so I wanted to create something unique.
  • Sell a high-value product. I learned that selling a cheap product or an expensive product requires almost the same efforts!

With these 3 criteria in mind, I was very aware of all opportunities and then I discovered Tuft & Needle, the American company that popularized the bed-in-box in the US.

I wanted to use the same model but for higher-end mattresses and with the continental European expectations in terms of both product and marketing.

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