Evan Delahanty

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Evan Delahanty is an American entrepreneur. Evan started Peaceful Fruits in 2014 and is based in Akron, OH.[1]

Evan Delahanty, founder of Peaceful FruitsEvan Delahanty, founder of Peaceful Fruits


Peaceful Fruits


Akron, OH


Early Career

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Peaceful Fruits

Evan started Peaceful Fruits in 2014. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Peaceful Fruits?

My background is in community development and business management, starting with a BA in Government from Cornell University where I also did the first year of my MBA (2007).

> I knew it was time to either start my own business or stop saying that was my dream.

From there I worked in private industry, climbing the career ladder to gain increasing responsibility in a variety of business/operations management functions. Rather than returning to finish my MBA, I decided to take a detour and join the U.S. Peace Corps in 2011. I served as a Community Economic Development in Suriname, a small Amazon-region country on the northeast coast of South America.


When I returned as a well-rounded 28-year-old, I knew it was time to either start my own business or stop saying that was my dream. My problem had always been that I just didn’t know what to start - it was a general dream not a specific one. Coming back from Peace Corps, I took a serious, business school, “whiteboard” approach to defining my goals, resources, and opportunities to create the specific concept for Peaceful Fruits.

My underlying goal was to start a sustainable (including profitable in that definition) business that would continue to create economic opportunity for people in the Amazon region - and to tell their story. With that great, authentic content and without a tech background, I focused on consumer product based opportunities with incremental differentiation based on brand.

I identified a relative lack in premium fruit snacks (only 1-2 players, no strong brands) and focused in on this value-added corner of the snack category as a way to bootstrap and scale organically and where the story connection (fruit snacks to Amazon Rainforest) was of obvious value.

So I moved back in with my parents, put a decent chunk of my savings on the line, and went to work.

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