40 Inspirational Simon Nixon Quotes [2022] Founder Of Money Super Market

40 Inspirational Simon Nixon Quotes [2022] Founder Of Money Super Market

Simon Nixon is a UK-based billionaire businessman.

He is Co-Founder and General Partner of Seek Ventures, a venture capital firm. He founded and was former CEO of Money Super Market, a price comparison website specializing in financial services.

Simon Nixon also runs an international luxury holiday rental business called Simon Escapes, offering holiday homes in some of his favourite destinations in the world.

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40 Inspirational Simon Nixon Quotes [2022] Founder Of Money Super Market

List of Inspiring Simon Nixon Quotes

“It only takes true passion to reach your goal. Sometimes, hard work may not count up as much as passion does. Also, it isn’t required that you follow a guided road map to success. Instead, take your own route and make a path of success out of it.”

“An entrepreneur has a need to keep starting new things, partly because we are insecure. We are always asking ourselves, ‘Could we do it again or was it a one-off?'”

“Fear of failure is the biggest pressure, even though for me I’ve made it and got total financial independence. The pressure of failing in a business is one of the things that drives me on.”

“With a start-up you have to punch above your weight and get people interested. You have to make the business seem bigger than it is.”

“My motto is always how many people can we engage with and how much of a fanbase can we build up? If we do those things then the money will follow. All the best businesses work on that philosophy.”

“Clients and colleagues will always see my boundless energy, passion and enthusiasm as I look to integrate myself into the heart of a business, whether that be in a long or short-term engagement.”

“The philosophy around the site is that you write about your favorite places and then you inspire people with your passion.”

“The biggest challenge on a day-to-day basis is keeping staff motivated. In a start-up you often have to work 12 hours a day.”

“In a recession, there’s an opportunity for every business to cut dead wood. When the sh*t hits the fan and you’ve got to cut costs, you have no choice, and you carefully select the people that don’t add as much value.”

“If you try to keep everyone on board and happy, the company’s not going to be successful.”

“I think it is probably hard for some entrepreneurs to let go of the businesses they created. If I did not have something else to pursue I would probably be breathing down the neck of the new CEO at Moneysupermarket all the time. Luckily, I now have a new company to build.”

“My new company, Simon Seeks [now defunct], is based in the north of England, in the center of Chester. I have always wanted to be able to walk to work. Being in the center means there is life around us, and if we want to have a brainstorming session, for example, we can pop up to Starbucks. I want the job to be fun.”

“This ambition is perfectly suited to the times in which we live, given the financial uncertainty that exists at home. We aim to help by shining a light on the best ways households can take control of their finances. Our objective is to offer consistently competitive prices and deliver a great visitor experience, so that customers find what they want, and think of us first for their future needs.”

“Our strategy has always been to diversify.”

“It’s important to know what’s going on in the world—what’s going to impact on you—before you get into work.”

“I admit that I don’t like doing business for a long time. I’m scared of doing nothing. Even after having so much wealth and businesses, I prefer to stay quiet when it comes to my personal life. Now, I invest in different businesses across the world, which gives me access to travel to different parts of the world too.”

“I am the sort of person who will feel guilty if I am not working. In fact, I often wake in the middle of the night worrying about an issue with one of my companies. But at least with Simon Seeks and Simon Escapes I have managed to turn my hobbies into my job.”

“I’m passionate about travel. I thought: ‘Wouldn’t it be great to set up businesses entirely related to that?’ And that’s why I came up with Simon Seeks and Simon Escapes.”

“Entrepreneurs want people to think they’re successful as they’re insecure people. Now, I’m still insecure, but for me it’s first time lucky, second time good. I want to prove that I can do it again.”

“A tragic circumstance has driven me on. I was 18 when my mum died and at that age it was a very difficult thing to go through. People ask me why I have gone down this path but when you lose your mum I think you become more insecure as well as more independent.”

“If you lose your mum, you’ve got no one to fall back on. So you’ve really got to make it on your own.”

“Research on the existence of an entrepreneurial ‘gene’ has suggested a correlation between the death of a parent at a young age and business success (as well as dyslexia, deprivation and birth order). It’s clear and unsurprising that the loss of my mother had a profound effect. My mum died, and I came back from university to find my dad had started seeing someone else. There wasn’t really room for me in the house. I was in a bedsit [a one-bedroom apartment] at 20.”

“Looking at the four walls each night, I decided I’ve got to fight out of this as I don’t want to be staring at them in five years’ time. That was the catalyst. When you haven’t got a mother, you haven’t got anyone to fall back on. More independent, resourceful and in need of security from another source, I found my way onto the housing market ladder. Entrepreneurs like to be in control and I’m a control freak.”

“To try to replace that lack of emotional security, you think financial stability will fill the void. That whole experience made me a harder person.”

“The easiest way for me to gain security was through financial security so I worked really hard. It gives you the feeling that if you get money behind you or success then you are more secure. I’ve found that a lot of successful people have lost their mother at a young age.”

“Entrepreneurs are driven by insecurity. What drives me is not success, it’s fear of failure. I feel guilty when I’m not working, which is a terrible habit.”

“I’d be depressed in about three weeks probably. Money was only ever a byproduct of my success and never a motivating factor.”

“My friends describe me as an honest, down-to-earth control freak!”

“Now I enjoy financial security and success but it is no longer about the money. There is still one thing that is out of my reach. I want to beat my dad at squash. I go playing with him fairly regularly and he can still beat me.”

“My weekly routine involves a rigorous health regime, hard work and plenty of playtime.”

“I see staying healthy as an investment in my own future. I play squash, tennis and badminton once a week each and do yoga three times a week.”

“I found university education of accounting boring and dropped out. But today, I am one of the top millionaires of the UK. I founded MoneySuperMarket in 1993 while still pursuing my university education. I am not the son of a millionaire, and am one of the very few people who have gathered so much wealth and success before the age of 40.”

“I’ve got more money than I could ever spend.”

“I’d rather have the quality of life than scrimp and save. And I want to be happy; I want to stay motivated. My objective is to be as happy as I can be. If I’m working 14-hour days I’m wasting all the work that I put in.”

“Nevertheless, the work ethic remains ‘hard-coded’ and tying business up with pleasure merely allows me to assuage any sense of guilt.”

“Managing the money I’ve got, the investments, is another thing that takes up my time. The objective is to diversify my portfolio as much as possible. It could be a full-time role investing my wealth, especially with the properties.”

“The richest people get richer; that’s why I’m buying plots that the rich people would go for. They’ll be more demand in 20 years time, and the same supply.”

“If I was on the beach all day every day, I’d feel so guilty. And besides, working isn’t exactly a grind. I don’t see going to Barbados as a hardship. I’ll get up at seven in the morning, go for a swim in the sea, have a nice breakfast and then my meeting will start. I’m more balanced now. I don’t work 14-hour days. I’m out and about, and I enjoy that a lot more. I probably work almost as many hours as I used to because I’m always thinking, but I’m thinking and working in really nice environments and combining what I love—travel to nice places and good food—with work I enjoy.”

“It was about the money at first but once you get those things that make you feel secure it’s all about being happy and being the best at whatever it is you do. My dream and ambition is to be happy because if you are, then it doesn’t matter what you do.”

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