Shaan Puri Net Worth & Source of Income [Updated in 2023]

Shaan Puri Net Worth & Source of Income [Updated in 2023]

Shaan Puri Net Worth & Source of Income [Updated in {{ current_year }}]

Shaan Puri is one of the trending individuals because of having massive net worth and for being a successful entrepreneur. As a result, it's not unexpected that many people are looking for him to understand more about his experience. Here's what we know about Shaan Puri's success:

Shaan Puri has a net worth of around 10 million USD in 2022. The main source of his net worth is from being an online entrepreneur, cryptocurrency investor, copywriter, and podcaster. His success continues to this day, and he can go viral on Twitter with just a single tweet.

In this article, we'll walk you through a deep dive into the net worth and source of income of Shaan Puri. This includes some personal information, early life, and some social media pages of Shaan Puri that you can follow.

Full Name Shaan Puri
Gender Male
Birth Date 1988
Birth Place USA
Source of Wealth Cryptocurrency Investments, Copywriting, and Podcasts
Net Worth: 10 Million USD

Who is Shaan Puri?

Shaan Puri is an online entrepreneur, cryptocurrency investor, copywriter, and podcaster with a net worth of more than 10 Million USD. He was the Chief Executive Officer of Bebo until it was acquired by Twitch (Amazon).

Currently, he works as a senior director of the same product. He invests in businesses and has become more popular after recently raising $2.5 million in only eleven days for his rolling fund with a single tweet.


Shaan Puri Net Worth and Career

With more than 10 million USD of net worth, Puri has gone a long way with his career. Looking at a few of the firms Puri has built is the most excellent approach to monitor his commercial progress.

The first one is Blab, a social networking instant messaging software that is essentially a video forerunner to Zoom. It closed in 2016. However, that one didn't deter Puri from his pursuit of success.

Bebo comes up next. This social media network was more well-known, and it was purchased for $850 million by Twitch before being reclaimed by the former owner and Puri hired as CEO.

But Puri is concerned with more than just social media businesses. He also hosts a famous entrepreneurial podcast called My First Million with Sam Parr, which is gaining traction. Besides a potential podcast, Shaan offers a crypto newsletter Milk Road, which has over 150,000 subscribers.

Puri's name will also bring up hundreds of additional business-related goods, such as copywriting classes for successful advertising and other similar offerings that comprise his online content conglomerate.

Puri, on the other hand, has had some setbacks. He believes in the metaverse's future, even though that fictitious VR field has been hesitant to provide suitable products. Puri, who owns Bitcoin and Ethereum, has most certainly been impacted by the previous crypto market fall.

Puri has pledged to stick with crypto. However, it has yet to be forthcoming about a portion of his total wealth lost due to the fall.

Early Life of Shaan Puri

Shaan Puri's life started in 1988, and he now lives in San Francisco. Puri finished his degree in Biology and Chemistry from Duke in 2010. However, instead of attending medical school, he opened a sushi business with his two closest friends.

It's a flawed concept, though. The business, which he meant to be the place of sushi, failed, although Puri ate well despite his difficulties as a novice businessman.

The setback, however, did not last long. Puri is one of those driven individuals enthusiastic about succeeding at whatever cost. He realized his route to success when he learned he had a talent for founding and developing businesses.

Where Can You Follow Shaan Puri?

The following are Shaan Puri's social media accounts. These pages feature Shaan Puri's insights and recent activities as an online entrepreneur, cryptocurrency investor, copywriter, and podcaster.


In 2022, Shaan Puri's net worth is estimated to be approximately 10 million USD. His net worth is mainly derived from his work as an internet entrepreneur, cryptocurrency investor, copywriter, and podcaster. His success has continued to the present day, and he may become viral on Twitter with a single tweet.

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