65+ Inspirational James Charles Quotes [2022] Famous Beauty YouTuber

65+ Inspirational James Charles Quotes [2022] Famous Beauty YouTuber

James Charles is an American beauty YouTuber and makeup artist.

Charles hosted the first season of the YouTube Originals reality competition series Instant Influencer, which premiered on his YouTube channel James Charles.

James Charles has released an eye shadow palette and created a makeup store in collaboration with Morphe Cosmetics, and has won many awards for his work on social media, including two People's Choice Awards, three Streamy Awards, one Shorty Award, and one Teen Choice Award.

We've put together an incredible collection of James Charles quotes to read.

Here they are:

65+ Inspirational James Charles Quotes [2022] Famous Beauty YouTuber

List of Inspiring James Charles Quotes

I would love to do a video with Harry Styles and sit with him and talk about, like, his music and One Direction and everything he has going on and all his amazing songs that have been coming out. — James Charles

Men in makeup is becoming more widely accepted. But it’s going to take so much more open-mindedness to have it be a common thing. — James Charles

I’m very thankful for the platform I’ve been given, and I realize that I’m a role model for many people. I want to use my platform to spread positivity. — James Charles

I’m a super creative person and have always loved drawing and painting since I was super young, but makeup was a new avenue for me. — James Charles

My passion is creating and marketing. That’s what I’m really, really good at, and that’s what I find the most stimulating for my brain to work on, so that’s what I really, really want to do as opposed to product creation. — James Charles

When I first started off doing makeup, I used to use literally the most intense, cement, full-coverage makeup ever, but I realized, hey, if you’re working really hard on your skincare routine, you don’t need this. — James Charles

When I started wearing makeup, my parents….. were like, ‘You’re absolutely not wearing it out of the house.’ At first, I thought they were not happy with me wearing it, but later on, I realized it was out of fear of me getting bullied and ridiculed in school. — James Charles

I don’t care if someone makes fun of me, but if someone calls me a mean person or something, I reply. If you don’t like me in makeup, that’s OK. But I would like people to like me as a person. — James Charles

I can be confident with bare skin and with a full face. — James Charles

I’ve always wanted to create athleisure; it’s my thing. — James Charles

Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is knowing I can help inspire young kids to be themselves, that they’re waiting for me to put out awesome content for them. — James Charles

Men in makeup, obviously, is a very new concept. It has not been widely accepted in the past. — James Charles

I think it’s so important to love who you are and be comfortable in your own skin. — James Charles

I’m very, very open. I don’t really have a specific taste that I go for, just someone who gets it and is just fun and happy to be around and is proud of me is the No. 1 thing. — James Charles

My brows have definitely underwent quite the transformation since I started doing makeup. They used to be disgusting, and now they’re a lot better, and I’m happy with them. — James Charles

Faux-freckles are definitely a James Charles touch to any makeup look. I love adding them and have seen so many other people start trying them as well! They’re so cute! — James Charles

Classic glam is beautiful and will never go out of style, but I like to try to push the envelope and create something new and inspiring. — James Charles

There’s been thousands of very, very funny and also very, very nasty tweets about me. — James Charles

Mascara can definitely be one of the hardest parts of the beauty routine. Nothing is worse than when you are applying your mascara, and you’ve worked an hour on the most flawless blended eye shadow, and with one slip of the finger, your mascara is all over your face. — James Charles

My photos would not be as high quality without my dad. He’s a contractor, and together we converted an area in our basement into a makeup studio with a desk, a mirror lined with dimmable lights, and storage areas. — James Charles

My parents started questioning me about whether or not I was transgender – whether or not I was trying to be a woman. It was a big argument. — James Charles

I don’t usually leave the house with makeup on. I wear it only for special occasions; I’m too lazy to get up in the morning before school and get glam. — James Charles

I love doing supercrazy, avant-garde but still stunning looks. — James Charles

I’m having fun. I’m being myself. I’m doing what I love. That’s all that matters. — James Charles

I hope to inspire others to be confident in their own skin and to love themselves with makeup or without. — James Charles

I’ve been singing, literally, since I was born. — James Charles

I’m very bad at talking to boys. I’m not that great at it. — James Charles

I fell into makeup by accident, but I found my love for it, and once I realized that I could actually turn it into a huge business, that’s when I started taking it a little bit more seriously, but it’s always something that I knew could be something. — James Charles

I love to do glam. But I also love a lot of creative, outside-of-the-box stuff. — James Charles

I do love a good dark guy. Maybe a beard – some sister scruff? — James Charles

I get really negative comments all the time, but the comments that really bother me are the ones that question my character. — James Charles

I’ve always been a very artsy person, and I always preach self-confidence and knowing your worth. — James Charles

I want to keep doing looks and tutorials, and I’d love to eventually start my own makeup line. — James Charles

YouTube videos and practice have taught me all I know. — James Charles

I’m self-taught, and fake eyelashes definitely took the longest to master. I glued my eyes shut at least 15 times. — James Charles

Makeup is where my career is going, but I would love to also indulge in music. It’s still one of my absolute favorite things in the world. — James Charles

CoverGirl putting my face on such an international scale did make a huge leap forward for men in makeup and for boys in beauty and for anybody wanting to express themselves. — James Charles

My only trick to having wing liner sharp enough to cut is be careful and take your time! I have hooded eyes, so I draw my wings more outwards as opposed to upwards so they accentuate my eye shape better. — James Charles

I try new techniques and styles almost every day, so I’m always challenging myself. — James Charles

I was very immature – who isn’t at age 12? Let’s be real. Once I kind of figured myself out and grew as a person, I now have a ton of different friends and learned who I was. — James Charles

I used to do hair styling before I even thought about joining the makeup world! — James Charles

I have pretty defined features: huge brows, very small eyelids, and a chunky nose. I love them all, but they’re definitely not the easiest things to work with when it comes to makeup, so I’ve really had to practice and see what I like on myself! — James Charles

I really hope that, as the first male CoverGirl, that I am able to inspire others and give other people confidence to try out makeup! Hey, if a random 17-year-old guy can do it, you definitely can, too! — James Charles

I always like to pop on a Lilly Lash in the style Miami. — James Charles

I’ve always been an Internet kid. — James Charles

I’m still confident as a boy, and I will always be a boy. — James Charles

I started my account to post pictures of client makeup I did to get more gals during prom season. I never in a million years would’ve expected to be where I am today, or even working with CoverGirl. — James Charles

Beauty is for everyone, and I think that CoverGirl, being such a timeless and iconic brand, recognizing that is so important. It truly shows that we are becoming a more accepting industry. — James Charles

As much as I love make-up and the creativity behind this, the Internet can be a horrible place, and sometimes, with so much negativity and hate, it’s hard. — James Charles

The first product I ever used was my mom’s foundation. When I was younger, I had pimples, so I just slapped it on and hoped it would fix the situation. It never did, because it was about 18 shades too light for me. — James Charles

When I started doing makeup, I had no intention of doing drag. — James Charles

I feel like somebody who just is very understanding is my biggest thing – timing is a major issue for me – but also funny! Obviously I want someone really cute and fun and fresh for good Instagram pictures and that just makes me really happy. — James Charles

I always wear colored prescription contacts for my looks. — James Charles

I only want to put out the best for myself and my subscribers. — James Charles

I would love to have a boyfriend one day. — James Charles

Makeup is kind of becoming a more genderless concept, which is so cool and something that I’m all for. — James Charles

If you’re ringing my doorbell eight times every three minutes and hiding behind my garbage cans, I will call the police. That is literally harassment. — James Charles

I always take photos from my left side because my jaw line is stronger. — James Charles

I definitely do not think of makeup as, like, a validation type thing. For me, it’s a creative outlet and an art form. It’s not like, ‘Oh my God, I need to feel pretty.’ It’s like, ‘This is so cool. I just created art on my face. — James Charles

I feel like it’s hard to create a really good product. It really is. — James Charles

My style, I’d definitely describe as athleisure with a twist of gay, which I really, really live for. — James Charles

I get a lot of fans who deal with poor mental health. But that’s the good thing about the Internet – that there are so many kids who can confide together and help each other out. — James Charles

My followers are some of the most loyal people out there. They know everything about me and my life. They know all my drama with guys that I have crushes on, all that stupid stuff that doesn’t really matter. But all that stuff allows me to build a close relationship with them. — James Charles

Breaking gender norms just comes instantly as soon as a boy is comfortable and confident enough to put on makeup. — James Charles

Makeup is an art form for me. It’s a form of expression, and it’s such a cool way to get my creative juices flowing. — James Charles

You can do anything you want because, at the end of the day, it washes right off. It’s just make-up, after all. — James Charles

I definitely do prefer more of masculine streetwear type of clothing, but I see a lot of young girls rocking the same type of stuff that I do. — James Charles

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